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9 times Trump took on the world via Twitter

After, once again, taking to Twitter to threaten war with another nation over the weekend, RT takes a look at US President Donald Trump’s most threatening tweets targeting world leaders, celebrities and even restaurants. Trump’s twitter feed is literally one for the history books – a logbook of the time when one of the most powerful people on Earth got ...

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Are immigrant detention centers in US making a killing since Trump took office? – RT's Keiser Report

RT’s Keiser Report looks into reports that facilities that hold immigrant families in Texas have seen their stock price almost double since Trump was elected in 2016. Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser also discuss corporate flight from Britain as the country prepares for Brexit and the economic disaster that will follow. In the second part of the show, Keiser interviews ...

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All for nothing? What it took to clinch Iran deal before Trump dumped it with stroke of pen (VIDEO)

Well, now it’s official – the US dumped the Iran nuclear deal with the flick of a pen. RT recalls how six major powers and Iran spent nine years in hard talks trying to build up trust, and finally signing the historic accord. It took nine hours of uneasy talks and days of face-to-face meetings between high-ranking diplomats from Iran ...

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‘Not made for the business machine’: DJ Avicii’s family confirms Swedish star took his own life

The family of Swedish dance DJ Avicii has confirmed he died from an apparent suicide. The 28-year-old “wanted peace” and “could not go on any longer,” according to the newly released open letter. The Grammy-nominated musician, whose real name was Tim Bergling, was found dead on April 20 in Muscat, Oman, where he had been on holiday with friends. Tim ...

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Trump pardons submariner who took photos of classified sub & used ‘Clinton emails’ defense

US president Donald Trump has pardoned a Navy sailor who was sentenced to prison for taking and “mishandling” photos of a classified military vessel. The submariner used Hillary Clinton’s email scandal in his court defense. Former Machinist’s Mate 1st Class Kristian Saucier took six photos of the USS Alexandria’s engine room with his cellphone at the Naval Submarine Base New ...

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Murderer took selfie after stab frenzy so violent, police thought victim was mauled by an animal

An ex-soldier has been jailed for life after he brutally slashed a total stranger, and abandoned his body in nearby heathland. The attack was so violent that police initially thought the victim had been mauled by an animal. When handing down the life sentence to Alexander Palmer, Justice Goose QC described the 24-year old’s premeditated attack as inflicting “savage and ...

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‘1st bomb took my leg’: Yemeni children tell RT of their suffering under Saudi-led strikes

As Saudi-led airstrikes on Yemen enter their third year, devastation and misery dictate daily life for millions of its citizens. RT spoke to some of the most vulnerable – children, who have experienced the war firsthand. A teenage boy, Hussain Hadi, was walking to a funeral with his father when “Saudi-American” planes suddenly started bombing. “The first strike left me ...

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DOJ probing why McCabe took 3 weeks to examine Clinton emails during election – report

The Justice Department is investigating why former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe took three weeks to act on a request to examine Hillary Clinton’s emails discovered late in the 2016 election. The DOJ’s inspector general, Michael E. Horowitz, has been asking witnesses why McCabe, who unexpectedly resigned from his post Monday, and other bureau staff seemed unwilling to analyze the ...

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‘They took out knives & stabbed the teacher’: Witnesses recall horrifying Perm school rampage

Fourth graders at a school in central Russia have described their horror after two masked teenagers armed with knives stormed into their classroom and stabbed the teacher before attacking students. “It was the third class. We had arts and crafts, when suddenly two big guys came in,” said one fourth grader at school number 127, recalling the events for Komsomolskaya ...

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2017: The year AI took over (VIDEOS)

2017 has been dubbed the ‘Year of AI’ – marked by significant AI-based improvements in speed and accuracy, prompting earnest concerns that a robot apocalypse could one day be on the cards. Tech billionaire Elon Musk and renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking led the charge, warning that robots could one day wipe out humanity. “AI is a fundamental risk to the ...

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