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Mom accidently makes red-faced son star of cringey ‘Him Too’ movement

A man who unwittingly became the viral star of a ‘Him Too’ hashtag has blamed his mother for the unwanted fame. It comes after she posted a Twitter tribute claiming her “gentleman” son is afraid to date because of “feminists.” Pieter Hanson has clawed back some credibility that was lost as a result of his mother’s post, which featured him ...

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French town now ‘too rich’ to tax residents

A French village may stop charging its residents taxes after state auditors found that the local council already has too much money in its accounts. Le Perthus, a Pyrenees town on the French-Spanish border, earns close to €800,000 ($ 936,000) per year from parking facilities used by visitors who cross to Spain to buy cheaper goods. The income, and the ...

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French minister takes heat for backing statement ‘too many white men over 50 in media’

A French advocacy group battling anti-white racism has a bone to pick with the culture minister, saying she endorsed the statement that there are “too many white men over 50” in the media. Cultural Minister Francoise Nyssen is taking heat from the Organization Against Anti-White Racism (OLRA), which called her position discriminatory and filed a legal complaint. Nyssen backed the ...

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‘Too young to testify’: Rape case of 2yo alleged victim is shelved

A child rape case in South Africa was dropped after a court ruled that the alleged victim, 2, was too young to testify, her mother said. The case was reportedly reopened Friday after the girl’s parents complained to police. “The perpetrator [creche employee] was arrested. We have a case number, and my daughter’s forensic examination confirmed that she was raped,” ...

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Did US even bother to justify Russian UN staff expulsion? ‘Too sensitive’ to comment, UN says

The UN declined to comment on the legality of Washington’s move to expel 12 Russian staff working there, saying only that it had been “notified.” The US envoy to Russia hinted they hadn’t even sent notification in advance. Speaking to reporters, the UN spokesman declined to comment on the US move to expel 12 Russian diplomats from the permanent mission ...

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Jumping the gun: Poroshenko expects US arms in ‘a few weeks,’ Pentagon says ‘too early’ to set date

Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko seemed to get ahead of himself by claiming the first batch of arms from the US will arrive in a few weeks. The Pentagon said it was “premature to speculate” on when weapons would be sent. Poroshenko announced on Wednesday that it’s matter of weeks before the first shipment of US-made weapons arrives in Ukraine, as ...

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Ken Livingstone tells RT he was ‘too left-wing for the KGB’ amid Corbyn spy allegations (VIDEO)

Former mayor of London Ken Livingstone has mocked claims he was an informant for the Soviet Union, telling RT he was deemed “too left-wing” for even the KGB. Talking to RT’s Bill Dod, Livingstone referred to a number of discussions he had with a communist spy who had posed as a journalist in the 1980s. He said the spy was ...

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Trump orders Democrats to rewrite memo claiming it’s ‘too long & political’

US President Donald Trump told Democrats they would have to “re-do” their rebuttal to a Republican memo alleging FBI bias against him because it is “very political and long.” The 10-page document, written by Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee in response to the Republican memo which accused both the FBI and the Department of Justice of bias against Trump ...

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Abbas urges Israel to rethink ‘apartheid’ policies before it’s ‘too late’

Published time: 1 Jan, 2018 01:42 Israel must “rethink” its aggressive “apartheid system” and honor the status of East Jerusalem as the future capital of a Palestinian state, President Mahmoud Abbas said on New Year’s Eve. “We will not accept the status quo. We will not accept the apartheid system. We will not accept occupation without cost, and you [Israel] ...

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‘Too big to fail’ bank rules targeted, as Senate panel rolls back Dodd–Frank Act

Banks and credit unions may soon be relieved of regulations added after the 2007-2008 financial crisis, as the Senate Banking Committee repealed provisions of the Dodd–Frank Act. The senate panel approved bill S.2155 in a 16-7 vote Tuesday, to raise the threshold at which bank holding companies are considered “too big to fail,” removing the financial stress test and capital-planning ...

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