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3D space tour: NASA ‘flies’ viewers through blazing Orion Nebula (VIDEO)

Dramatic imagery from the Hubble telescope has helped NASA create a 3D ‘fly-through’ tour of the Orion Nebula. Situated around 1,350 light years away from Earth, the Orion Nebula’s blazing cluster of stars lights up clouds of dust and gas, giving it a glorious glow. One of the brightest features of the Milky Way, it’s regarded as a “star nursery” ...

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Mice chew through cash in Kazakh ATM (VIDEO)

A pair of mice snuck into an ATM in the Kazakh capital Astana, hiding from a snow storm. Bank workers were surprised when they discovered the tiny intruders and the ruined notes they had munched on during their stay. The two were found when the machine was re-stocked with cash, and the workers recorded their odd discovery on a video. ...

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20 cats missing after ‘out of control’ hounds tear through animal sanctuary (VIDEO)

“Out of control” hunting dogs chased a fox and a deer through a cat sanctuary on Wednesday night, scattering more than 60 terrified animals and leaving staff in a state of panic. Fox hunting is an illegal blood sport in the UK. The hounds tore through the Celia Hammond Animal Trust’s Greenacres branch near Hastings, which provides a home to ...

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Defiant Indian father carves 8km through mountains to get his 3 sons to school

Published time: 11 Jan, 2018 12:16 An Indian father, who didn’t want to abandon his isolated village like the rest of the locals, cut through 8km of hillocks by hand instead. The road enabled his three sons to safely travel to school in a nearby town. Jalandhar Nayak’s family is the last one remaining in the village of Gumsahi in ...

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Tornado rips through 2 towns in French Pyrenees (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Published time: 8 Jan, 2018 04:48 Edited time: 8 Jan, 2018 04:50 Two local communities in the French Pyrenees have suffered massive damage after a tornado left a trail of destruction in its wake. Inhabitants of the picturesque commune of Maureillas-las-Illas in the Pyrenees-Orientales woke up to the sounds of destruction Sunday morning after a tornado fell on the town ...

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Homeless in Brussels receive portable cardboard tents to get through winter (VIDEO)

With shelters overcrowded and canvas tents banned in Brussels, a group of volunteers found a way to help the homeless stay warm this winter. They distribute portable cardboard tents to those who have no roof over their heads. “There are 2,600 people living in the streets of Brussels,” Xavier Dupont, spokesperson for a volunteer association, told Ruptly on Friday. The ...

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Iran slams ‘grotesque’ meddling and calls for regime change by US through social media

Iran’s Ambassador to the UN Gholamali Khoshroo has accused the US of “grotesque” interference in his country’s affairs, and of encouraging regime change in the Islamic Republic. He also accused Trump of inciting “disruptive acts.” As a wave of protests against poor worsening standards and unemployment gripped Iran, Washington was quick to throw its support behind the demonstrators. US President ...

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Google pumps $19 billion through tax optimization scheme in 2016

Published time: 3 Jan, 2018 11:24 Google’s tax optimization scheme moved 7 percent more money in 2016 than it did during the previous year, according to a Dutch regulator. The scheme saved the US tech giant at least $ 3.7 billion in taxes. The company uses subsidiaries in Ireland, Singapore and the Netherlands to shield most of its international profits ...

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Fire rips through 12-storey Manchester apartment building (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Published time: 30 Dec, 2017 20:19 Edited time: 30 Dec, 2017 20:39 A fire at a 12-storey residential building in the Northern Quarter of Manchester City Saturday evening triggered a major emergency response. Video from the scene shows firefighters swiftly bringing the blaze under control. There were no fatalities at the Lighthouse building fire, though one person was hospitalized and ...

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Badass biker Santa chases hit-and-run driver through Paris (VIDEO)

Published time: 23 Dec, 2017 20:11 One motorist definitely being added to the naughty list this Christmas was caught by a motorcyclist dressed as Santa, after the festive-clad biker witnessed a driver engage in a hit-and-run incident in the center of Paris. Filmed by Youtuber and motorbike enthusiast Chris RS, the incident saw a female driver knock down a pedestrian ...

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