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Ecuador pledged to not kick out Assange, but threat of US prosecution still serious – lawyer to RT

Published time: 20 Sep, 2018 14:31 Edited time: 20 Sep, 2018 14:55 Despite widespread speculation a few months ago that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange may be kicked out of the Ecuadorian embassy by the country’s new leadership, his asylum seems to be safe for now, his lawyer told RT. In recent months, Ecuador has made it clear that the asylum ...

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Trump is ‘far graver threat’ to idea of America than 9/11 attackers, MSNBC host claims

On the seventeenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough has called US President Donald Trump a “far graver threat to the idea of America” than the 9/11 attackers. Speaking during his program ‘Morning Joe’ on Tuesday, Scarborough boldly argued that Trump has the potential to do far more damage to the United States than those behind ...

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India to go ahead with S-400 deal with Russia despite threat of US sanctions – reports

India is expected to inform the US during a top-level meeting this week that it will go ahead with a deal to purchase the Russian S-400 air defense system despite the threat of American sanctions, the Indian media reports. The US is threatening buyers of Russian-made weapons with economic sanctions as part of its general pressure campaign against Moscow. The ...

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Pentagon hypes China threat amid renewed strategic competition

The Pentagon is raising an alarm about “rapidly” growing Chinese military capabilities, from long-range bombers to a blue-water navy, as mainstream media warn that Chinese pilots are “likely” training for strikes against the US. Long-range bomber training missions “targeting the US” – this is how the US mainstream media reported the findings of the Pentagon’s annual assessment of Chinese military ...

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Five examples that show internet censorship is as much a threat to the left as the right

The banning of right wing controversialist Alex Jones from multiple social media platforms last week was a cause of celebration for many liberals, but should those on the left really be so complacent about creeping censorship? So far, the evidence suggest that there is indeed plenty for the left to worry about when it comes to corporations like Facebook and ...

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Despite legal threat, new anti-Facebook site launches to claim tech giant is ‘killing the internet’

A new anti-Facebook blog, giving small and mid-sized publishers a place to vent their frustrations over the tech giant’s censorship policies and algorithms hiding their content, has gone live despite legal threats. FacebookZoo, hosted on niche publishing platform Maven, went live on Tuesday. It aims to give disgruntled publishers an avenue to criticize the company’s censorship policy, as well as ...

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Hacker kids poke hole in MSM narrative that it’s Russians who are the US election threat

Ahead of the US midterms in November, the MSM has talked at length about a Russian hacking threat. Meanwhile, a competition in Las Vegas shows that when it comes to interfering with a US election, even a child can do it. Hosted by technology non-profit R00tz Asylum, the competition was held on the sidelines of the annual Def Con hacking ...

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Who’s the threat to US democracy? Sen. Murphy, Trump Jr. spar after Alex Jones ban

Democrat Senator Chris Murphy clashed online with Donald Trump Jr over whether the controversial ban of Alex Jones from social media has signaled a rise of corporate political censorship in the US. Murphy, who has represented Connecticut in the US Senate since 2013, was among the vocal supporters of the controversial decision by several tech companies to suspend Jones from ...

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Smart tech voice assistants are a threat to news pluralism, Reporters Without Borders warn

If instead of rummaging through search results and newspaper headlines, you leave it up to your Alexa to feed you the news, you could be locking yourself in an echo chamber, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) warn. The pro-information freedom NGO is sounding the alarm over the impact that smart tech is having on the way we consume news. In a ...

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US to bolster its Marines presence in Australia to tackle ‘China threat’

The US continues to ramp up its military footprint in Australia, aimed at countering a perceived threat presented from China. With plans to station 2,500 Marines in Darwin, US military presence in the Pacific continues to expand. Marine Corps presence in Australia has ballooned since the first rotation of 250 troops arrived in the country in 2012. There are currently ...

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