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For Arab eyes only: Threat of war vanishes from Israeli military’s English-language Twitter account

A thinly-veiled threat to unleash the full military power of Israel on residents of the Gaza strip is apparently meant for Arabs only, since its English-language version is now gone from an Israeli military Twitter account. Amid the latest flare-up of hostilities between Israel and Hamas militants both sides are also battling for hearts and minds online. Part of the ...

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Veiled threat? Proposed burqa ban in Egypt reveals clash between security & freedoms (DEBATE)

A pending Egyptian law that would prohibit face veils in public places has rekindled the debate over anti-terror measures and their limits on individual freedoms. RT sought out opposing views on the controversial proposal. Burqa bans are already enforced in seven European countries, but now Muslim-majority Egypt is considering similar legislation, in hopes of preventing terrorists from using the religious ...

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Police operation underway in Dunkirk hospital after reports of bomb threat

Published time: 7 Nov, 2018 10:49 Edited time: 7 Nov, 2018 10:59 Police are deployed in downtown Dunkirk, northern France, after reports of a woman threatening to detonate a bomb in the city’s hospital. An evacuation of the building is underway. DETAILS TO FOLLOW Let’s block ads! (Why?) RT World News

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‘Uncomfortable truth’? CNN’s Lemon defends claim that white men are the ‘biggest terror threat’

Doubling down on his controversial statements earlier this week, CNN host Don Lemon has offered some “overwhelming evidence” to prove his point, that radicalized “white men” are the “biggest terror threat” to the US. After facing a public outcry over comments he made Tuesday which many found “racist”, the 52-year-old news anchor, who is not the biggest fan of Donald ...

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Fake news ‘threat to democracy’ report gets back-burner response from UK gov’t

The UK government has rejected a parliamentary committee’s call for a levy on social media firms to fund digital literacy lessons to combat the impact of disinformation online. The recommendation of a levy on social media platforms was made by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport committee three months ago, in a preliminary report following a multi-month investigation into the ...

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White supremacist or fact-savvy threat to the establishment? Meet ‘Toronto’s next mayor’ Faith Goldy

She promised to “Make Canada Safe Again!” and stop Toronto turning into “a sharia safe space,” and in return Faith Goldy has been censured by rivals, blacklisted by major media outlets and dismissed in court. Is she a big deal? Her stunt on Friday is emblematic of the 29-year-old’s role in the campaign – the plucky outsider unafraid to speak ...

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Trump slams ‘too independent’ Fed as his ‘biggest threat’

Trump is making it clear he’s “not happy” with the behavior of the Federal Reserve, which he blamed for last week’s market crash. The Fed hiked short-term interest rates three times this year and plans to do so again before 2019. In an interview with Fox Business anchor Trish Regan, the president complained the Fed was behaving too independently and ...

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PA gubernatorial candidate says threat to ‘stomp’ on rival’s face was ‘bad metaphor’ (VIDEOS)

A Republican candidate for Pennsylvania governor has apologized for threatening to stomp on his opponent’s face while wearing golf spikes after a Facebook video of his comments was met with outrage. Scott Wagner, who is running against incumbent Democrat Tom Wolf, made the threat in a Facebook video on Friday that has since been deleted. Copies of the video have ...

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China represents biggest, long-term threat to US interests – FBI director

China is waging an unprecedented influence campaign against the American public and Beijing represents the “broadest, most complicated, most long-term” threat to US interests, said FBI Director Christopher Wray. Questioned by senators on the Homeland Security Committee about US President Donald Trump’s recent assertion that China is trying to interfere in the upcoming November midterm elections, Wray said that China ...

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US envoy’s threat to Russia is ‘way of increasing interest in NATO & boosting defense spending’

The US NATO envoy’s accusation that Russia is developing missiles in violation of the INF treaty is almost a theological argument to convince NATO to boost its defense spending, says international affairs expert Jonathan Steele. America’s ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison is on something of a damage-control mission after pledging to “take out” Russian missiles – the development of ...

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