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‘You don’t see this everyday’: Plane makes epic emergency landing amid freeway traffic (VIDEO)

Motorists traveling down one of California’s busiest freeways got a shock when a single-engine plane was forced to touch down in an emergency amid all the traffic. El Cajon’s Interstate 8 became a makeshift runway for the pilot of the stricken plane, which managed to make an incredible safe landing just before midday on Friday. According to NBC 7 San ...

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‘Look at this f*cking white guy’ – man brutally sliced in New York pizza parlor attack

Bronx native Chris Bilcik usually goes to Ray’s to sit down and tuck into a delicious slice of pizza, but his visit last week ended with violence, as he was brutally sliced and punched by an apparently racist attacker. Bilcik, 59, told the New York Post that he was sitting alone in the restaurant last week when a man walked ...

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This robot uses lasers to ‘listen’ to its environment

[embedded content] A new technology from researchers at Carnegie Mellon University will add sound and vibration awareness to create truly context-aware computing. The system, called Ubicoustics, adds additional bits of context to smart device interaction, allowing a smart speaker to know it’s in a kitchen or a smart sensor to know you’re in a tunnel versus on the open road. ...

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Is this ‘life on Mars’? New project makes walking on red planet a virtual reality (VIDEO)

NASA scientists can experience life on Mars using VR software that maps out the Red Planet’s exact landscape, thanks to data collected from NASA’s Curiosity Rover. OnSight, a mixed-reality software, allows the space agency to give its scientists the chance to take a “virtual field trip” to Mars where they can study the planet’s geology using data collected from NASA’s ...

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‘How is this not racist?’: CNN’s Don Lemon shouts down guest, laughs at ‘token negro’ comment

CNN anchor Don Lemon is in hot water after telling a contributor to “shut up” in a debate on anti-Trump violence and laughing along with another guest who called Trump-supporting rapper Kanye West a “token Negro.” Speaking on ‘CNN Tonight’ on Tuesday with network contributor and Daily Beast columnist Matt Lewis, Lemon became angry when Lewis suggested that the protesters ...

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This is the Google Pixel Slate

Maybe there will be some surprises at next week’s Google event. At this rate, however, we’re not entirely optimistic at the prospect. Just as the Pixel 3 got the full hands-on treatment in Hong Kong, a new contender has emerged. Like a number of recent leaks, these new renders of the Pixel Slate come courtesy of My Smart Home Hub. ...

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Now this is transparency! NATO to deploy 45,000 troops near Russian border, calls it 'defensive'

Amid ceaseless accusations of Russian aggression, NATO will deploy 45,000 troops to Northern Europe in what will be the alliance’s largest “defensive” exercise since the end of the Cold War. Fifty aircraft, 70 vessels, and around 10,000 land vehicles will take part in NATO’s Trident Juncture 18 drills, which are set to begin on October 25, with live field exercises ...

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‘This is not the Obama admin’: Bolton unveils Trump’s new far-reaching counter-terrorism strategy

The Trump administration has put together a six-prong counter-terrorism strategy that does not focus on a single organization and is going to “pursue terrorists at source,” national security adviser John Bolton told reporters. Speaking on a conference call on Thursday, Bolton said the US will seek to counter “all” terrorists and their ideologies, rather than a specific organization. The strategy ...

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Pragmatics win: Kurz to meet Putin for 4th time this year to strengthen ties & foster dialogue

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is set to meet President Vladimir Putin this week, their fourth meeting this year, displaying the pragmatic politics that are so badly needed right now in relations between Moscow and Europe. Kurz is scheduled to make his second visit to Russia in less than a year and is expected to meet with Putin in St. Petersburg ...

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Body language spoke louder than words at this years’ UN General (VIDEO)

Published time: 29 Sep, 2018 14:01 As this year’s UN General Assembly session draws to a close, thanks to President Trump, it may be remembered more for its “body language” than all the tough political talk. Whether they were the delegation of a long-standing ally of the US or an adversary, Trump’s speech to the assembly floor elicited a range ...

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