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‘Thief!’ Trump slams African-American candidate in Florida governor's race

As mid-term elections draw nearer, US President Donald Trump has called a Democrat running for Florida governor nominee a “thief,” spurring accusations of racism against the African-American candidate. In a Monday morning tweet, Trump hailed Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis as being a “great congressman” who was educated at Harvard and Yale. Then he called his African-American Democratic opponent Andrew ...

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Burglar’s escape room blunder: Trapped thief asks cops to rescue him

Could an escape room get a better endorsement than being so puzzling that a burglar couldn’t find a way out? A hapless thief in Washington was so perplexed by the adventure game he broke into that he called the police on himself. The live action games, which sees people trapped in a room that they must escape from as quickly ...

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Real-life GTA: Daring thief seizes IDF attaché’s car with secret files inside (VIDEO)

A car thief has stolen an IDF military attaché’s posh SUV with secret files inside – right under the nose of the driver and bodyguard. The brazen seizure happened in broad daylight and was caught on CCTV cameras. The incident, which the Israeli media described as “embarrassing,” occurred some time last week in an undisclosed European city. An Israeli military ...

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Banksy print thief filmed walking artwork out of gallery (VIDEO)

The moment a thief steals a Banksy print from the walls of a Toronto gallery and strolls out with the artwork in his hands has been captured on CCTV. The footage, released by Toronto Police, shows how brazen the art thief was. First shown walking into the exhibition space, his face hidden by his hoodie and hat, he appears in ...

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Half-naked hero: Brave Russian blitzes thief to foil parking lot robbery (VIDEO)

A Russian man fears neither criminals nor sub-zero weather. That’s the major takeaway from bizarre CCTV footage showing a half-naked hero deliver justice in a freezing cold parking lot during the night. The incident reportedly occurred in the early hours of February 15 as ice-cold temperatures gripped the city of Saratov, in south-eastern Russia. Black and white CCTV footage captures ...

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The Case of the Thief in a Case: Man hides in bag to steal from airport bus

Published time: 17 Oct, 2017 21:56 A Romanian man has been sent to prison after French police found him hiding inside a suitcase on the bus from the Beauvais airport to Paris, pilfering the passengers’ possessions. Border police found Sebastian Radu, who stands 1.70 meters tall, curled up in a brown suitcase along with two stolen laptops, cash and other ...

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Thief stabs straphanger on C train during robbery

A man with a cane was able to bash a knife-wielding maniac in the head – but still got stabbed in the early morning subway mayhem. James Purnell pulled a knife on a 28-year-old man as the C train left the 125th St. station around 6 a.m. Saturday, police said. Purnell got away with that victim’s knapsack and cellphone. A ...

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Thief steals chicken from Bronx fast food restaurant

A chicken craving crook stormed into a Bronx fast food joint and filled a tote bag with finger-licking fried meat, cops said Sunday. The bird-brained thief swiped the chow as a security camera recorded the fowl heist, then grabbed a tray of biscuits to round out the meal, police said. Police on Sunday released video of the crazy chicken caper, ...

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Thief smashes stolen crate over Brooklyn bodega worker's head

Don’t box him in! A man who swiped a milk crate from a Brooklyn bodega bashed a store employee over the head with his plastic prize when the clerk tried to stop the theft, police said. Cops released video Saturday showing the attack in the hopes that someone recognizes the brute. Workers said the thief was sitting on the crate ...

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Pregnant woman mows down purse thief with SUV outside Walmart

She’s getting revenge for two. Just a few months away from her water breaking, a pregnant woman who got accosted by an alleged purse snatcher nearly broke the back of her assailant with her SUV. According to WLOS, Robert Raines was spotted by witnesses going through Christine Braswell’s vehicle in broad daylight around 12:30 p.m. Wednesday in the parking lot ...

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