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Quality of Chinese-built cars better than European ones, Volvo executive admits

Swedish car maker Volvo says its vehicles built in China might actually be superior in quality to those it makes in Europe. In an interview with Australia’s Go Auto, Volvo’s senior vice-president of design, Robin Page, admitted that some were concerned about the automaker’s decision to build many of its vehicles in China. “What we’re finding is that the quality ...

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House Democrats release more than 3,500 Russian Facebook ads

Democrats from the House Intelligence Committee have released thousands of ads that were run on Facebook by the Russia-based Internet Research Agency. The Democrats said they’ve released a total of 3,519 ads today from 2015, 2016 and 2017. This doesn’t include 80,000 pieces of organic content shared on Facebook by the IRA, which the Democrats plan to release later. What ...

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Stranger than fiction: Debunk of ‘fatal Chinese cable car’ inferno reveals bizarre truth (VIDEO)

You may see frantic videos on social media purporting to show 17 people being burned alive in a shocking cable car accident in China. Don’t worry, nobody has died. But what actually happened is possibly even more bizarre. The video shows a suspended cable car entirely engulfed in flames and spouting a huge column of black smoke. Large red Chinese ...

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Macron says he's not an ' interventionist’… less than a month after bombing Syria

French President Emmanuel Macron says he has convinced Vladimir Putin he’s no “interventionist or neo-conservative,” and that the recent Western strike on Syria was a “legitimate” response to a “red line being crossed.” In a feature dedicated to his worldview, published Le Journal du Dimanche, Macron described a meeting between the two leaders in Versailles last year. “Vladimir Putin understood ...

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Al Qaeda richer than Islamic State, but US views Iran as bigger threat than terrorists – Moscow

The revenues that Al-Qaeda receives are now more than a dozen times higher than that of Islamic State, but the US still considers Iran and Hezbollah to be greater threats than terrorists, a Russian Foreign Ministry official said. The income of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), which once held vast parts of Iraq and Syria, dropped to $ 3 million ...

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Massive Indian dust storm kills more than 70, injures scores more (VIDEO)

A powerful dust storm in northern India has killed more than 70 people and injured more than 140 others on Wednesday. Many reportedly died in their sleep while the storm swept through their homes. India’s Hindustan Times reports that the storm left a trail of destruction in its wake, uprooting trees and affecting the electricity supply in the states of ...

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No sooner said than done: Woman keeps promise to adopt 8 children after son’s recovery from injury

A woman, in the Russian southern region of Dagestan, who vowed to take care of orphans if her son survived a critical injury, has kept her promise and adopted eight children with special needs. “I asked Allah, if he brings my son back, I’ll adopt orphaned children,” foster mother Madinat Shakhbulatova told the Ruptly video news agency. Shakhbulatova’s biological son, ...

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‘Lack of learning skills:’ More than half of migrants fail German language test – state agency

Every second migrant attending integration courses in Germany fails to reach the expected level of language proficiency at the end of their training, authorities have said. About one in ten doesn’t have a basic command of German. Out of all migrants who attended integration courses in 2017, only 48.7 percent managed to reach the required B1 or “intermediate” language proficiency ...

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Huge dead zone in Gulf of Oman is far worse than feared – but what is it?

A large ‘dead zone’ in the Gulf of Oman is increasing in size, according to scientists who warn the oxygen-scarce area is worse than previously thought and poses a threat to the environment. But what does that mean? The dead zone in the Arabian Sea is now the world’s biggest Oxygen Minimum Zone (OMZ). About the size of Scotland or ...

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Body cams show Louisville police fire more than 20 shots, killing burglary suspect (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Body cam footage from three police officers involved in the shooting of a burglary suspect in Louisville reveals the 21-year old perpetrator was shot more than 20 times by three officers and a detective. Demonjhea Jordan of Jeffersonville, Indiana, died Tuesday from multiple gunshot wounds at the University of Louisville Hospital after he was shot by police. The Louisville Metro ...

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