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Rand Paul: Hatred for Trump means ‘partisans would rather risk war’ than talk to Russia

“Trump Derangement Syndrome has officially come to the Senate,” said Republican Senator Rand Paul, as he called on lawmakers to drop their “crazy hatred” of the US president and instead focus on renewed diplomacy with Russia. The senator from Kentucky made the comments during a House session on Thursday. Taking to the floor to oppose a resolution from Vermont Senator ...

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Haters would rather ‘go to war’ than see me getting along with Putin – Trump

In a fresh tweet President Donald Trump has said some people would rather “go to war” than see him getting along with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. He added that the “haters” merely want “a boxing match.” Starting the morning with a fresh post, Trump gave credit to his press conference following a landmark gathering with Putin in Finland on Monday. ...

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‘Mexico interferes in our elections more successfully than Russia’ – Tucker Carlson

Forget Vladimir Putin and Russian hackers – according to Fox News host Tucker Carlson Mexico interferes more successfully in American elections, by “packing” the US electorate with its citizens. “I don’t think Russia is our close friend or anything like that,” Carlson said, discussing President Donald Trump’s summit with Putin on Fox Monday. “Of course they try to interfere in ...

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Nearly two-thirds of Germans say Trump is more dangerous than Putin – poll

Nearly two-thirds of Germans believe the actions of US President Donald Trump are more dangerous than the policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin, a new poll conducted ahead of the two leaders’ summit reveals. A day before the long-awaited summit in Helsinki, the German DPA agency released the results of a poll conducted by UK-based YouGov data analytics firm. Read ...

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US tougher on Russia than anybody, but chance for better relations with Moscow and Putin – Trump

The US President Donald Trump said that his administration was “tougher on Russia than anybody.” At the same time, he admitted that getting along with Moscow would actually still be “a good thing.” Read more “When you look at what we have done in terms of Russia, I guarantee that whoever it is in Russia, they are saying: ‘Oh, God, ...

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Trump threatens China with more than $500bn in US trade tariffs

As US tariffs on Chinese imports worth $ 34 billion kicked in on Friday, President Donald Trump said he would consider imposing additional levies on $ 500 billion in Chinese goods, should Beijing retaliate. Another $ 16 billion are expected to go into effect in two weeks and potentially another $ 500 billion, Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One ...

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Football cup matters more for Russians than upcoming pension reform, poll shows

Over half of Russian public see the ongoing 2018 World Cup as the most important and vivid event of the month, with less than a third attaching importance to the forthcoming increase of the retirement age and other problems. The latest poll conducted by the Russian independent public opinion research center Levada has revealed that 56 percent of Russians consider ...

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Cheaper than ever for England fans to watch their team play in Russia World Cup

Research from Post Office Travel Money has found that British fans travelling to Russia for the World Cup will benefit from sterling’s strength against the ruble. They will see their cash stretch further as currency fluctuations help to bring down the costs, the study suggested. England fans will get the equivalent of £66 ($ 86) more cash on a £500 ...

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