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With Lockbox and Notes, Mozilla launches its first set of mobile Test Pilot experiments

Mozilla’s Test Pilot program for Firefox has long been the organization’s way to trial some of its more experimental ideas for new browser features. Now it’s expanding this program to include mobile apps, too, with the launch Firefox Lockbox, of a password manager for iOS and Notes by Firefox, a note-taking app for Android. Both apps have a connection to ...

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Tesla fails braking test again & dismisses results

Electric car manufacturer Tesla has failed another independent braking test. Officials for the company don’t agree with the results. Read more The test was made in Luxembourg recently. The Luxembourg testing and standardization authority (ILNAS) put a Model S and a Volvo S90 through an emergency braking test. As Luxembourg Wort reports, Volvo passed the test with flying colors, being ...

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N. Korea sticks to promise to scrap missile engine test site, but US sanctions remain – Pompeo

Pyongyang has reaffirmed its commitment to dismantle its missile engine test site, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, but American sanctions against the North will remain until there is “fully verified” denuclearization. “North Korea reaffirmed its commitment to complete denuclearization,” Pompeo said at the trilateral news conference in Tokyo, where he was joined by Japanese and South Korean officials. ...

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‘Prove you’re an Indian’: Trump makes $1mn DNA test offer to Elizabeth Warren

The internet has gone into meltdown after Donald Trump told a rally he will donate $ 1 million to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s favorite charity if she will take a DNA test proving her Native American heritage. In a wide-ranging speech in Montana on Thursday night, Trump appeared to mock the #MeToo movement and again referred to Warren as ‘Pocahontas,’ a ...

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Guns for catapults: Mexican mayor hands out slingshots to police after they fail firearm use test

Police in a Mexican municipality are taking to the streets armed more like Bart Simpson than Dirty Harry after officers saw their guns replaced with slingshots and rocks. Less than a quarter of the officers in the 130-member police force in Alvarado, on Mexico’s Gulf Coast, have passed control tests for the use of firearms – a fact that prompted ...

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Gotcha! German police stage bloody car accident to test morality of motorists

When a horrific car crash occurs, are most people willing to help? Or do they turn a blind eye? German police set out to find the answer, staging a fake road accident to test how many people were willing to be good Samaritans. Police in Oberhavel, in the eastern German state of Brandenburg, worked together with a local media agency ...

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Superstar Salah back in Egypt's starting line-up vs Russia after passing late fitness test

Mohamed Salah has been deemed fit enough to start Egypt’s must-win game in St.Petersburg against the World Cup hosts, after sitting out his team’s opening-day defeat against Uruguay. “We always carry out a last physical test before we announce our line-up,” said Argentinian coach Hector Cuper, before naming Salah as the starting right winger. “He is an essential piece in ...

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Florida man ends up in jail after asking police to test ‘low quality’ meth & bust his drug dealer

In a reckless attempt to take revenge on his drug dealer for selling him methamphetamine of unsatisfactory quality, a 49-year-old man in Florida contacted the police to have the substance tested and to press formal charges. Unhappy with the quality of the drugs sold to him by his dealer, and having suffered an allergic reaction to the substance, Douglas Kelly, ...

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There and back again: RT’s journey to N. Korean nuclear test site demolition (VIDEO)

From a ride on a luxurious train with sealed windows to the massive blasts that leveled Pyongyang’s nuclear test site, RT’s correspondent recalls his journey to reclusive North Korea as part of a selected group of foreign media. The journalists were taken to the Punggye-ri site in the north-east of the country on a posh train, which RT’s correspondent Igor ...

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RT's first-hand account of N.Korean nuke test site demolition

With a series of loud blasts, North Korea’s only nuclear test site – underground tunnels and surface infrastructure – went up in a cloud of dust. RT was at the scene to witness the historic demolition. Invited along with reporters from a handful of other media outlets, RT’s Igor Zhdanov saw the destruction from a few dozen meters away. In ...

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