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Terrorists used Telegram messenger in all recent attacks, head of Russian watchdog claims

The head of Russian internet watchdog Roskomnadzor told the St. Petersburg Economic Forum that he has “irrefutable proof” that all recent terrorist attacks in Russia and abroad were coordinated through the Telegram messenger. “The proof is irrefutable. All of the latest terrorist attacks committed in our country and abroad have been coordinated through the Telegram messenger. This is why, when ...

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Russian security chief urges allies to stop terrorists returning from Middle East

The head of Russia’s Security Council has told counterparts from the CSTO bloc that the issue of terrorists returning from Syria and other Middle East countries is of vital importance and asked them to focus on border control. “We are especially concerned with the issue of fighters returning from areas of actual armed conflicts,” Nikolai Patrushev told a meeting of ...

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Moment of silence for ‘terrorists’? Outrage & misreporting as NY school honors Gaza victims

Some Jewish parents were outraged after a New York school decided to hold a minute of silence for the Palestinian protesters shot and killed by Israeli defense forces last week. Students at Beacon High School were asked to pause for one minute to pay tribute to the victims of the violence, but some parents were angered by the school’s decision ...

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Belgium summons Israeli envoy after she calls everyone killed in Gaza bloodshed ‘terrorists’

All the Palestinians, including children, killed in the violence at the Israeli-Gaza border were “terrorists,” Israel’s ambassador to Belgium said. She was called to the foreign ministry shortly after the statement. Brussels slammed the Israeli envoy to Belgium, Simona Frankel, as she did not mince words in the aftermath of the widely-condemned violence in Gaza, where at least 60 people ...

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Al Qaeda richer than Islamic State, but US views Iran as bigger threat than terrorists – Moscow

The revenues that Al-Qaeda receives are now more than a dozen times higher than that of Islamic State, but the US still considers Iran and Hezbollah to be greater threats than terrorists, a Russian Foreign Ministry official said. The income of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), which once held vast parts of Iraq and Syria, dropped to $ 3 million ...

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Human bomb: ISIS terrorists reportedly turn captive into live missile in chilling execution

Islamic State (IS, former ISIS) militants have put a captive Syrian soldier to death by tying a bomb to his head and throwing him off a building, as pictures posted by the terrorist group’s propaganda channels show. The extremists can be seen fitting a helmet filled with explosives on the head of a captured Syrian Army soldier. The prisoner of ...

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‘Safe haven for terrorists’: Iran bans Telegram messenger over national security concerns

The Iranian judiciary has issued a “total ban” on Telegram following a request from the security services, which argued that the encrypted messaging app has become a “safe haven” for terrorist cells, according to local media. “Considering various complaints against the Telegram social networking app by Iranian citizens and based on the demand of security organizations to confront the illegal ...

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Terrorists attack Libyan oil pipeline, crippling daily crude output by up to 100k barrels

A Libya crude oil pipeline, belonging to the al-Waha oil company and running to Sidra port, was attacked and set on fire by an unknown “terrorist group,” causing the loss of up to 100,000 barrels per day, state company NOC said. The National Oil Corporation confirmed the incident, without specifying its cause. Local sources, meanwhile, said that the pipeline was ...

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Diplomatic expulsions directly aid terrorists, says Russian intelligence chief

The recent expulsion of Russian diplomats by Western nations is so damaging to international counter-terrorism, it could be described as direct aid to terrorist groups, the head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service has said. Sergey Naryshkin made the statement after a meeting with three Russian intelligence agents who were among those recently expelled, according to Sergey Ivanov, head of the ...

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