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Terrorists no longer leaving Russia to fight in Syrian conflict, claims main anti-terrorism body

International extremist groups are no longer calling on operatives to join the war in Syria, and are instead asking them to remain in sleeper cells in Russia, a senior member of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee has said. The revelation was announced by the first deputy of the agency’s information department, Andrey Kokourov, at the Tuesday session of the Russian nationwide ...

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Ahvaz was ‘soft target’ for terrorists, likely backed by Saudi – Iranian experts

A lower security level than in the capital Tehran and a close proximity to Iraq made the Iranian city of Ahvaz an easier target for terrorists, experts told RT, noting the alleged perpetrators have Saudi backing. The militants opened fire at the parade because they “wanted to find a soft target,” Foad Izadi, professor of political communication at the University ...

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US aims to ‘artificially prolong’ bloodshed in Syria by saving terrorists – Russian Foreign Ministry

Washington is seeking to obstruct moves towards peace to “artificially prolong” the conflict in Syria by saving Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists from imminent defeat, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova has said. The US is obviously struggling to justify its military presence on Syrian territory as it uses officials and biased media to prepare the world for a new round of aggression ...

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US demonstrates ‘subtle desire’ to rescue terrorists in Syria’s Idlib – Russian FM Lavrov

Washington has never delivered on its promise to separate the so-called ‘moderate’ Syrian opposition from the terrorists, and once again seems to be trying to get al-Nusra off the hook in Idlib, Russian FM Sergey Lavrov said. “The de-escalation zone in Idlib remains the only one, where tens of thousands of extremists are concentrated, spearheaded by Jabhat al-Nusra,” Lavrov told ...

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'US wants terrorists to stay in Idlib; just imagine what Pompeo would say if they were in Oregon'

The Syrian government has the right to retake all of Syria, but none of the countries that supported terrorists there want them to return to their own countries, investigative journalist Rick Sterling told RT. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused Moscow and Damascus of escalating the Syrian conflict by seeking to clear terrorist groups from Idlib province. He said ...

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Kremlin points to ‘terrorists in Idlib’ when asked about massive naval drill near Syria’s shores

On Saturday, the Russian military will start a week-long exercise in the Mediterranean, involving 25 ships and strategic bombers. The Kremlin agreed the drill may be connected with the situation in Syria’s Idlib governorate. The exercise comes amid high tension in the region, with Moscow claiming that the US is deploying additional military assets towards Syria for a likely missile ...

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Russian court jails extremist for recruiting terrorists via WhatsApp messenger

A court in St. Petersburg, Russia has sentenced a man to six years in prison for terrorist propaganda and recruiting new members for the banned Islamic State group using popular internet messenger WhatsApp. The united press service of St. Petersburg courts told Interfax on Thursday that in 2015 the convict, Azizbek Rustamov, created a special WhatsApp group to commit crimes ...

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Idlib to become Syria's final battle with terrorists… if the West stays out of it

Syrian forces are gearing up to take the last terrorist stronghold, the US is boosting its military presence, and Russia is warning of a false-flag chemical attack. RT looks at the aligning of forces ahead of the battle for Idlib. American warships, cruise missile delivery systems, strategic bombers and other hardware has arrived to the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf ...

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ISIS & Al-Nusra terrorists are hiding in Syrian refugee camp within US-controlled zone – Moscow

Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists use civilians as human shields as they hide in a refugee camp in Syrian territory controlled by the US – and the Americans are well aware of it, the Russian Foreign Ministry has said. Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) and the Al-Qaeda proxy group Jabhat al-Nusra found quiet shelter in one of the biggest ...

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