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Find Khashoggi’s killer or you’ll be helping Iran, Boris Johnson tells Saudis

Former UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson has put forth an intriguing argument for finding the killers of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi: not doing so will help Iran! Oh, and maybe the war on Yemen is bad, also. Khashoggi, a self-exiled critic of the current Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, was last seen entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey ...

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'Crawl back under your rock,’ Swedish FM tells anti-PC academic Jordan Peterson

Sweden’s Foreign Minister has issued a rather undiplomatic request to Canadian academic and internet sensation Jordan B. Peterson, thrilling a Stockholm audience by expressing her desire to see him fade from the public eye. Speaking on a “pro-women” panel in Sweden’s capital on Wednesday, Margot Wallström said that Peterson should “crawl back under the rock he came from,” adding that ...

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‘Wheels in motion to replace MBS with someone compatible with West,’ ex-Pentagon analyst tells RT

Following outrage over the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, Prince Mohammad bin Salman might face troubles at home. As analysts told RT, some in Saudi Arabia are keen to see the Crown Prince go. Much of the mounting international outrage over the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi is attributed to Mohammad bin Salman, the 33-year-old Crown Prince who once famously vowed ...

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China’s Xi tells military to prepare for war as US Navy warns of high seas encounters

Chinese President Xi Jinping told military officials responsible for the disputed South China Sea to be better “prepared for war” as tensions with the US are rising. Beijing may be bracing for a worst-case scenario with the US. Xi made the blunt remarks last week as he was meeting the Southern Theatre Command, the military officials responsible for one of ...

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Stop sending women & children back to Fukushima fallout zone, UN expert tells Japan

A UN human rights expert has urged Japan to reconsider its policy of returning women and children to areas still high in radiation after they were displaced by the Fukushima meltdown. Baskut Tuncak, the UN’s special rapporteur on hazardous substances, criticized the Japanese government’s decision to resettle citizens in areas with radiation levels above one millisievert per year, the threshold ...

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‘Don’t let Syrians down’: Top Red Cross official tells RT of despair and destruction in Ghouta

People in Ghouta, Syria are in desperate need of support, lacking access to water, sanitation and healthcare, a top Red Cross official told RT. He said that he was overwhelmed by the scale of destruction he saw. Dominik Stillhart, the head of operations at International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), who just returned from Syria, admitted on RT that ...

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Americans should be ‘scared’ about end of INF, Carter Page tells RT

The ‘Russiagate’ hysteria that originated with the Democrat-funded Steele Dossier has damaged relations between Washington and Moscow to the point of ending the INF Treaty, former Trump adviser Carter Page has told RT. Ending the Intermediate Nuclear Forces in Europe (INF) treaty is something Americans should be “scared about,” Page told RT America’s Scottie Nell Hughes in an exclusive interview ...

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CNN’s Acosta bizarrely tells former WH official to ‘Fu*k off’ for teasing tweet

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta has been outed for an abusive outburst following some mild trolling by a former White House official on Twitter. On Thursday, Acosta tweeted a rambling complaint accusing White House staff of playing music too loud at President Donald Trump’s rally in Montana, restricting live TV press coverage from the event. READ MORE: ‘How is ...

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No-deal Brexit is ‘more likely than ever,’ Donald Tusk tells EU leaders

European Council President Donald Tusk has said that a ‘no deal’ Brexit is “more likely than ever before” and that it must be prepared for. Read more Tusk made the comment in a letter to EU leaders ahead of meetings scheduled for 17 and 18 October. “We must prepare the EU for a no-deal scenario, which is more likely than ...

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