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Biker war holds Australian city at ransom, police form special task force to combat rising violence

An Australian city has been rocked by fire bomb attacks, brawls, and a drive-by shooting by someone posing as police, as a biker gang war escalates. Police in Perth fear that soon innocent members of the public will be at risk. Detective Inspector Mark Twamley admitted that the risk to the public is increasing. “There is the potential risk of innocent ...

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Back to Project Maven? Google hires head of major defense task force as chief of cloud AI

The US tech giant risks attracting new controversy by recruiting Andrew Moore, three months after the company was embroiled in a scandal over its work for Pentagon’s Project Maven. Moore, who was last dean of the School of Computer Science at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University, will become the chief of cloud computing AI at the California company, where he previously ...

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Sessions launches pro-Christian ‘religious liberty task force’

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced the creation of a “religious liberty task force,” charged with defending the rights of the faithful to say no to creeping atheism. Speaking at Monday’s Religious Liberty Summit, Sessions said that the task force would help implement the religious liberty guidance the Justice Department issued last October. While the guidance clearly instructs government agencies ...

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NSA sets up task force to fight ‘Russian cyberattacks’

The NSA and the US Cyber Command have created a special unit tasked with combating hacks and spying allegedly coming from “near-peer threat” Russia. It comes as ‘election meddling’ accusations keep being hurled at the Kremlin. “I stood up a Russia group, a Russia Small Group, the RSG,” NSA chief General Paul Nakasone said on Saturday, confirming earlier media reports ...

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Facebook’s AI researchers task ‘tourist bots’ with finding their way in NYC

Facebook is getting guide bots to help tourist bots explore Hell’s Kitchen in a virtual New York City. It’s not just for kicks, either; a new research paper published today by FAIR is looking to examine how AI systems can orient themselves and communicate observed data better than humans can. The setup for Facebook’s “Talk the Walk” research experiment involves ...

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Task of rebuilding Syria laid bare in staggering Aleppo drone footage (VIDEO)

As the conflict in Syria appears to be drawing to a close, the conversation about reconstruction has begun. Footage taken in Aleppo shows the full extent of this daunting task. Several years of artillery bombardment and heavy fighting have leveled the country’s infrastructure, as can be seen in new drone footage captured above Aleppo. Flattened buildings and strewn rubble spread ...

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Moscow views mending relations with Washington as primary task – ambassador

Russia’s ambassador to the US has stated the importance of overcoming the negative tendencies in mutual relations and called proper cooperation between the two nations crucial to overcoming global threats, such as terrorism. “It is important to guide our American partners to understanding of the objective necessity of repairing the bilateral dialogue. Russian-American cooperation remains a decisive factor that influences ...

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Baltimore officers ‘played both cops & robbers’ in Gun Task Force corruption scandal

Two Baltimore, Maryland police detectives were convicted of racketeering and robbery after drug dealers testified they used seized weapons to steal narcotics. Prosecutors accused the officers of playing “both cops and robbers.” Officers Daniel Hersl and Marcus Taylor, once members of Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force, were found guilty by a jury on Monday. They had pleaded not ...

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‘It was an important task for the universe’ – WADA informant Rodchenkov on ‘Russian doping’ claims

In the latest documentary from German journalist Hajo Seppelt, a person said to be disgraced doctor Grigory Rodchenkov states he feels no guilt for Russia’s Olympic exclusion, adding that he “fulfilled a very important thing.” The documentary features an alleged phone interview with Rodchenkov, the former head of the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory who fled Russia in 2015. According to the ...

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US creates task force to promote ‘internet freedom’ in Cuba

The US has created a special task force to promote the free flow of information on the internet in Cuba, the State Department announced. The move was decried by Cuban media as an attempt to destabilize the island. “The Department of State is convening a Cuba Internet Task Force composed of US government and non-governmental representatives to promote the free ...

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