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Russian strategic bombers strike ISIS targets in south-east Syria for third day – military

Published time: 18 Nov, 2017 13:14 Edited time: 18 Nov, 2017 13:48 The Russian Air Force continues its efforts to help the Syrian government completely eliminate Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Syria, with its long-range bombers having carried out a new successful airstrike on terrorists’ positions. Six Tu-22M3 strategic bombers, with air cover provided by Su-30 fighters, were on ...

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‘Saving America’: Cards Against Humanity targets Trump wall in holiday ad

The company behind the game Cards Against Humanity is buying a plot of land on the US-Mexico border to sabotage construction of President Donald Trump’s controversial mooted border wall. The quirky holiday promotion sold out overnight. “Donald Trump is a preposterous golem who is afraid of Mexicans. He is so afraid that he wants to build a $ 20 billion ...

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Six Russian long-range bombers strike ISIS targets in southeast Syria – military

Published time: 15 Nov, 2017 14:34 Edited time: 15 Nov, 2017 15:23 Six Russian long-range bombers have carried out airstrikes targeting ISIS terrorist positions in an area located close to the recently liberated Syrian city of Abu Kamal in the southeast of the country, the Russian Defense Ministry said. Read more The strikes destroyed Islamic State (IS, former ISIS/ISIL) hideouts ...

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Church Ltd? Clergy must stop acting like CEOs ‘chasing growth targets’

Published time: 14 Nov, 2017 19:15 The clergy should stop behaving like CEOs and resume their pastoral role of leading the faithful, the Dean of Christ Church has claimed. It comes amid increasing reports of the clergy stressing out in their attempt to get more people to attend church. Speaking to an audience at the charity Sons & Friends of ...

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Is your son at risk? London boys most common targets of extremism, report shows

Published time: 9 Nov, 2017 14:12 A nine-year-old boy who professed his adoration for ISIS in a classroom after seeing an execution video online is one of thousands of children flagged as being at risk of extremism, according to a new report released by the Home Office. After a year of support, case workers have reported that the west-London boy ...

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US defense bill targets Moscow-linked TV content amid crackdown on Russian media

Moscow has vowed to impose tit-for-tat restrictions on US media if a defense bill currently being considered by Washington is adopted. As part of the bill, US lawmakers have been pushing to impede the work of TV networks allegedly linked to Kremlin. On Wednesday, House and Senate lawmakers agreed on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for the Fiscal Year ...

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Iranian missiles have enough range to strike US targets – Revolutionary Guard chief

Published time: 31 Oct, 2017 22:40 Edited time: 31 Oct, 2017 22:49 Iran has limited its ballistic missile range to 2,000 kilometers, which it says is enough to strike the US and its interests, should they need to retaliate for an attack. “Based on the policies specified by the Leader [Ayatollah Khamenei], the range of our missiles is limited to ...

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Dozens of Russian defense companies included in list of potential new US sanction targets

The US is edging towards the eventual implementation of a new round of sanctions against Russia after the State Department provided Congress with a list of Russian defense and intelligence entities, missing the deadline by almost a month. “Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has authorized the department to issue guidance to the public specifying the persons or entities that are ...

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Billionaire Mark Cuban targets Trump in potential 2020 White House run

Mark Cuban is considering challenging President Donald Trump for the Republican candidacy for the 2020 presidential election. The Dallas Mavericks owner and TV personality told Fox News’ Harvey Levin on Sunday that he’s “fiercely independent,” but would probably run as a Republican, meaning he would challenge Trump’s second term in the White House. “I think there is a place for ...

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