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Facebook demands advertisers have consent for email/phone targeting

Facebook is hoping to avoid another privacy scandal by adding new accountability and transparency requirements for businesses that use its Custom Audiences too to target you with ads based on your email address or phone number. Starting July 2nd, advertisers will have to declare whether contact info uploaded for ad targeting was collected with proper user consent by them, one ...

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Facebook faces fresh criticism over ad targeting of sensitive interests

Is Facebook trampling over laws that regulate the processing of sensitive categories of personal data by failing to ask people for their explicit consent before it makes sensitive inferences about their sex life, religion or political beliefs? Or is the company merely treading uncomfortably and unethically close to the line of the law? An investigation by the Guardian and the ...

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Russian government drafts bill targeting turnover of sanctioned goods

The Russian government has drafted a bill introducing fines for any turnover of goods that fall under import bans introduced as part of reciprocal economic sanctions. The bill does cover the goods purchased for citizens’ own use. The document published on the State Duma’s official website on Friday orders fines for any deals involving goods that fall under import bans ...

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Saudi Arabia intercepts missile from Yemen targeting Aramco oil storage tanks

Saudi Arabia’s air defense has allegedly intercepted a missile fired by the armed Houthi movement from Yemen towards storage tanks in the port city of Jizan, which belong to the Aramco oil company. Storage tanks belonging to Saudi Aramco oil company in the southwestern province of Jizan  were reportedly the targets of the attack. The company confirmed its plants and ...

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Duma mulls sanctions against Latvia over new law targeting Russian in schools

The Russian lower house has passed a statement decrying as “inadmissible” the Latvian ban on teaching in minorities’ languages in schools. The statement also warns Riga of potential reciprocal economic sanctions. The statement approved by the State Duma on Tuesday reads that the Latvian authorities’ actions contradicted the mutual respect, understanding and cooperation between all people who live in the ...

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Facebook plans crackdown on ad targeting by email without consent

Facebook is scrambling to add safeguards against abuse of user data as it reels from backlash over the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Now TechCrunch has learned Facebook will launch a certification tool that demands that marketers guarantee email addresses used for ad targeting were rightfully attained. This new Custom Audiences certification tool was described by Facebook representatives to their marketing clients, according ...

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Corrupt Ukraine courts turning blind eye to corporate raiders targeting French firms – envoy

French companies trying to do business in Ukraine face corruption that severely undermines foreign investors’ trust, according to the country’s ambassador to Ukraine, Isabelle Dumont. “We have to deal with cases when our corporations face corrupt practices. They are deeply concerned over the fact. They are complaining about the problem to the embassy and the business ombudsman. We have to ...

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Facebook will cut off access to third party data for ad targeting

In a surprise change, Facebook will give up one major data source that the company uses to help advertisers target relevant users on the platform. The company just announced that it will end a feature called Partner Categories, launched back in 2013 out of a partnership between Facebook and major data brokers. Third party data helps Facebook further atomize its ...

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Explosive report claims France is targeting Jews for tax evasion, but there’s a catch

An explosive report by the Israeli financial daily newspaper Globes claims that France has established a secret department to target French Jews believed to be avoiding tax. The claims, however, quickly crumble under scrutiny. The exclusive report, published December 28, alleges that authorities at Bercy Street, France’s Ministry of Finance, established a specialist, Hebrew-speaking “secret department” on the 13th floor ...

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Duterte recalls drug addicts used to rape ‘beautiful women,’ now degraded to targeting toddlers

Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte has shared his insights on the destructive effect of drugs, providing a contentious example of addicts raping infants in “modern times” instead of “beautiful women” as they used to. Duterte’s controversial comments were delivered at his presidential palace, addressing senior government officials and legislators. The Philippines strongman shared his thoughts on the differences between drug addicts ...

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