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Taking candy from a baby: Russian lawmaker wants to ban children from buying sweets

A Russian lawmaker has proposed fighting child obesity with radical measures – banning the sale of candy to children under 14 and marking foods which have a high sugar content with graphic warnings, similar to cigarettes. “Children know no measure in their love of sweet foods: when they have pocket money they often spend all of it at once, and ...

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Microsoft no longer taking new enrollments for its Surface Plus financing program

Microsoft has quietly ended its Surface Plus financing program about a year after it launched. In a message on its site, the company said it stopped taking new enrollments on August 31 “after much thought and consideration.” The change does not affect existing customers, however, who will still be covered by their current financing plans. Financed by Klarna, a Stockholm-headquartered ...

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South Africa to change constitution to legalize taking away white farmers' land

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has said the ruling African National Congress must initiate a parliamentary process to enshrine in the constitution a proposed amendment, paving way for land grabs without compensation. Ramaphosa, who has vowed to return the lands owned by the white farmers since the 1600s to the country’s black population after he assumed office in February this ...

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Sanders slams Disney CEO for taking home millions and paying ‘poverty wages’

Democratic Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders is taking on Mickey Mouse and company, blasting Disney CEO Bob Iger for taking home a seven-figure paycheck while some of his workers struggle to make ends meet. “Does Disney CEO Bob Iger have a good explanation for why he is being compensated more than $ 400 million while workers at Disneyland are homeless and ...

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18 wheeler-truck marooned on beach after taking wrong turn (VIDEO)

Video footage has captured the travails of a hapless truck driver who ended up marooned on a North Carolina beach after taking a wrong turn. The 18-wheeler truck-trailer got into trouble on North Carolina’s Corolla beach near Outer Banks this week. According to local news outlet WVEC-TV, the driver made an error following directions and ended up in the unfortunate ...

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Russia should be back in G7 as ‘we spend 25% of time’ taking about it anyway – Trump

The leaders of the G7 group spent a lot of their time during last week’s summit discussing Moscow, and so having Russia itself at the negotiation table would have been an extremely logical move, US President Donald Trump has said. “You know, we spend probably 25 percent of our time talking about Russia, and I said wouldn’t it be better ...

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Douglas Fears named Trump’s homeland security adviser, taking seat vacant since Bolton’s ascent

Rear Admiral Douglas Fears has been named the new homeland security and counterterrorism adviser to the US president, filling the seat left vacant since his predecessor resigned shortly after John Bolton’s appointment. “Doug Fears brings more than three decades of experience across a range of vital homeland security areas including counterterrorism, cybersecurity, and disaster response to the NSC,” White House ...

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Google is taking a Home-branded putt-putt course on a US tour

If you’re in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or Atlanta, you’ll soon be able to play mini golf (or putt-putt, as some people apparently like to call it) and learn about the Google Home product range in the meantime. Sounds like a corporation’s idea of a good time. “We wanted people across the country to feel the magic of what Google ...

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Vodka rage v Ivan the Terrible: Man mauls iconic Russian painting after taking a shot at museum

The renowned painting ‘Ivan the Terrible Killing His Son’ was attacked by a visitor of Moscow’s Tretyakov Gallery and suffered “serious damage.” The vandal later told the police that a shot of vodka was to blame for his actions. The incident occurred late on Friday when the gallery was about to close down for visitors. A man rushed through the ...

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Is Twitter taking Snowden’s advice? ‘Encrypted message feature’ spotted in Android app

One wily Twitter user has discovered a potential new encrypted feature on the app which could prove a gamechanger for its roughly 330 million monthly active users. The as-yet-unlaunched ‘Secret conversation’ function, buried in Twitter’s Android app, could allow users to send encrypted messages similar to apps like Signal, Telegram or WhatsApp reports TechCrunch. The hidden feature was reportedly first ...

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