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How Russia's trusty space launch escape system saved 6 lives after initial deadly start

Thursday’s aborted launch of the Russian Soyuz spaceship may have sent the International Space Station’s work into disarray, but it also highlighted how much effort Soviet space engineers put into their creations. The apparent failure during booster separation of the Soyuz-FG launch vehicle rocket became the third time in history where crew lives were saved by a system called SAS, ...

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‘Emergency system performed great’: Soyuz reliable despite scare – ex-cosmonaut to RT

The safe return of the ISS crew, who had to abort their launch, proves the reliability of the Soyuz system, a former cosmonaut told RT, joking that now just flight attendants and comfy seats are needed to improve the experience. Aleksandr Lazutkin, who traveled to the Soviet Union’s Mir space station, said that the rescue operation to retrieve Aleksey Ovchinin ...

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Pro-Putin activists say warning system should prevent extremist reposts on the web

Experts have proposed creating a system to find extremist text and pictures on the web and social networks and mark them with special warning, to avoid unwitting reposts from users. It is hoped the development and introduction of such a system would bring down the seemingly excessive number of convictions for spreading materials inciting hatred and strife, an issue that ...

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First ever ‘exomoon’ discovered orbiting planet outside our solar system – study

Scientists have reported the first ever discovery of a moon orbiting around an ‘exoplanet’ – a planet that exists outside of the Earth’s solar system. Thousands of exoplanets have previously been found by astronomers, with some suggesting they could possibly support life, but this is the first time scientists have ever found what they believe is a moon orbiting one ...

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There’s a Goblin roaming our Solar System and it may help us find the ultimate elusive planet

A new planet dubbed the Goblin has been hiding in the mysterious Oort Cloud in the far reaches of our Solar System. And it could prove that a Super-Earth commonly referred to as ‘Planet 9’ is really lurking somewhere beyond Pluto. The confirmed discovery of 2015 TG387, aka ‘The Goblin’ (it was monitored around the Halloween period here on Earth) ...

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‘49 pieces of hardware’: Syria gets S-300 missile system & more from Russia in wake of Il-20 downing

Published time: 2 Oct, 2018 17:44 Edited time: 2 Oct, 2018 17:56 The S-300 air defense system and dozens of additional hardware pieces have been delivered to the Syrian military to boost security of Russian personnel there, Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu, told President Vladimir Putin. “We have completed the delivery of the S-300 system,” Shoigu said Tuesday. The hardware ...

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Nervous system captured growing in incredible timelapse footage (VIDEO)

Unbelievable 3D footage, capturing the meticulous development of a zebrafish embryo’s nervous system, has won a major photography award. The mesmerising microscope video was filmed over a 16-hour period. The fascinating timelapse video, shot by Dr. Elizabeth Haynes and Jiaye ‘Henry’ He, won the 2018 Nikon Small World in Motion competition. Haynes studies the role of kinesin light chain genes ...

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Syria to get Russia’s S-300: Here’s what you need to know about the missile system

On the heels of an Israeli air raid on Syria, which saw the downing of a Russian plane, Moscow will now deliver S-300 anti-aircraft systems to Damascus. Here’s a quick guide to the sophisticated weapon and its capabilities. The Syrian Army has long sought to procure the S-300 from Russia, but talks which began in mid-2000 were interrupted by the ...

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Facebook’s ‘Rosetta’ system helps the company understand memes

Memes are the language of the web and Facebook wants to better understand them. Facebook’s AI teams have made substantial advances over the years in both computer vision and natural language recognition. Today, they’ve announced some of their latest work that works to combine advances in the two fields. A new system, codenamed “Rosetta,” helps teams at Facebook and Instagram ...

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Putin details amendments to soften impact of impending pension system reform

Published time: 29 Aug, 2018 09:00 Edited time: 29 Aug, 2018 09:32 In a televised address to the nation, the Russian president proposed moves that would ease the transition to a new pension system, such as making it illegal to fire employees approaching retirement age. In the much-anticipated address, Putin also acknowledged that in the early 2000s, he was against ...

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