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'Prison of Repentance': Terrorist group’s jail in Syria housed cages & underground tunnels (VIDEO)

A new video showing the interior of a prison used by the militant group Jaysh al-Islam as a site of torture and interrogation in the Damascus suburb of Douma reveals tunnels through which terrorists received support. A grim interior full of cells, concrete walls, and underground tunnels comes up in the video, published by RT’s Ruptly agency. “This tunnel shows ...

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US still paying White Helmets despite $200mn-aid freeze for Syria recovery, State Dept confirms

As the US is reviewing funding aimed at helping war-ravaged Syria rebuild, it’s not neglecting the White Helmets – a controversial militant-linked group instrumental to the media campaign against Assad and Russia. At a Thursday press briefing, journalists asked US State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert for an update on the late-March freeze of $ 200 million earmarked for the recovery ...

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Why do liberals support ‘madman’ Trump’s Syria strikes? RT’s Lee Camp marvels at ‘resistance’ logic

Liberals and pundits begging Donald Trump to drop more bombs on Syria – even as they paint the president as a “madman” – is nothing short of insane, independent journalist Rania Khalek told Redacted Tonight’s Lee Camp. During her discussion with Camp, Khalek, who has reported from Syria, marveled at the cognitive dissonance recently on display from the self-described “resistance” ...

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Arab force in Syria would mean US transferring 'bleeding' to non-Americans – anti-war director to RT

As reports swirl that Washington is pushing for an Arab force to replace US troops in Syria, the director of the Answer Coalition told RT that such a plan amounts to Washington pawning the “bleeding” off to non-Americans. Saudi Arabia is interested in sending troops to eastern Syria, with Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir confirming that Riyadh is “in discussions with ...

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Assad returns French Legion of Honor award to US ‘slave’ following bombing of Syria

President Bashar Assad has surrendered his Legion of Honor award, France’s most prestigious decoration, given to him by Jacques Chirac in 2001, saying he will not wear honors bestowed by a “slave country” that bombs Syria. “The ministry of foreign affairs… has returned to the French republic… the decoration of the Grand Croix of the Légion d’honneur awarded to President ...

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US media’s love affair with war: Major outlets showed zero opposition to Syria strikes – survey

Media cheerleading for foreign conflict is nothing new. Coverage of President Trump’s latest airstrikes on Syria was no different, with no major newspaper’s editorial board opposing the strikes, according to a survey. “Trump was right to strike Syria,” read the Washington Post. “One night’s good work,” read the New York Post. “We should feel proud as Americans. We did the ...

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Iraqi air forces carry out strikes on ISIS positions in Syria – statement

Iraqi air forces have launched strikes on Islamic State positions in Syria, the office of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said. They were carried out in coordination with the Syrian government, the Iraqi military confirmed. The airstrikes demonstrate the increased capacity of the Iraqi forces to “pursue and eliminate terrorism,” the statement from Iraqi PM office added. “Our heroic air ...

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