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8bitdo’s wireless adapter adds flexibility to Xbox, PlayStation and Switch controllers

Game controller compatibility is a labyrinthine nightmare most of the time: Some controllers work with some platforms some of the time, but it’s very hard to keep track of how and when. 8bitdo’s latest accessory adds some simplicity to the mix, enabling use of Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch controllers with Switch, Windows and macOS systems quickly and ...

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Ecobee’s new voice-powered light switch moves closer to whole-home Alexa

Alexa is already everywhere in a lot of homes, thanks to the affordability and ease of installation/setup of the Echo Dot. But Alexa could become even more seamlessly integrated into your home, if you think about it. And Canadian smart home tech maker ecobee did think about it, which is how they came up with the ecobee Switch+. Ecobee is ...

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Mobcrush flips the switch on monetization with new ad platform

Mobcrush, the unified mobile gaming streaming service for Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and YouTube, is shaking its moneymaker for the first time with the unveiling of its advertising platform. “There’s what you’re able to do while begging for tips and subscriptions and then there’s being able to connect with real brands,” says Mobcrush’s shade-throwing founder Royce Disini. For Mobcrush’s executive duo ...

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Russian majority party MP urges colleagues to switch to English on social networks

An MP from the Lower House Committee for Information Policy has said that Russian lawmakers should maintain their social networks in English in order to debunk all distortions and lies spread by foreign propaganda. “Russia has quite a few politicians and state officials who are registered on social networks, but they only write in Russian and only target a Russian-speaking ...

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‘Same big pharma that hooked people on opioids now profits again from addicts’ switch to heroin’

Published time: 1 Jan, 2018 16:18 The same pharma companies that profited from the opioid epidemic in the US by hooking patients on their drugs are profiting again as their victims migrate to heroin and participate in needle exchange programs, an attorney told RT. The opioid epidemic is one of the biggest stories of 2017. The number of people dying ...

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Cure for obesity? Scientists learn how to switch off hunger ‘alarm’

Published time: 5 Dec, 2017 17:39 A team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania has demonstrated how to turn off a so-called hunger alarm system that becomes active when you’re hungry, leading to hopes for obesity sufferers worldwide. Being hungry can have an adverse effect on everyone, some become irritable, others downright crazy. The mere sight or smell of ...

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Nintendo Switch could, maybe, possibly revolutionize industry

It is more evolution than revolution. At least for now. So the Nintendo Switch is finally here, and Nintendo is starting over after the failure (yes, that’s largely what it was) of the Wii U. The Nintendo Switch has finally arrived, with one of the greatest games you may ever play, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as ...

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GM Catches New Ignition Switch Problem Early

Filed under: Company News, General Motors, Automotive Industry, Consumer Protection, Auto Recalls Molly Riley/AP DETROIT — General Motors Co. (GM) has another ignition switch problem that can cause engines to stall, but this time it was discovered before anyone got hurt. The automaker is recalling about 3,300 big pickup trucks and SUVs mainly in North America to fix the ignitions, ...

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