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US bans use of Venezuela’s oil-backed cryptocurrency as a ‘scam supporting dictatorship’

A new war of words has broken out between Washington and Caracas after President Donald Trump banned the use of the oil-backed cryptocurrency launched by Venezuela in a bid to undermine the dominance of the petro-dollar. Trump signed an executive order late on Monday prohibiting trade in the Venezuelan government’s newly-launched Petro cryptocurrency in the US. The order bans “all ...

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Tory housing minister member of Facebook group supporting the return of workhouses

Dickensian workhouses for Britain’s poor should be brought back, according to a Facebook group – which counted a Conservative Housing Minister Dominic Raab among its members. Workhouses in Britain were home to the most vulnerable in society – the orphaned, the disabled, the sick and elderly – and those who were unfortunate enough to turn to them were worked into ...

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Branding agency presents Olympic ‘Moar than OAR’ uniforms for fans supporting Russia

Russian branding agency DDVB has designed an alternative neutral Olympic uniform for Russian fans with patriotic slogans and pictures which do not violate the guidelines set by the IOC. Following Russia’s disqualification from the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics for alleged systematic doping violations, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) allowed national athletes with clean doping records to compete in the Winter ...

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Russia to keep supporting Muslim education to tackle ‘destructive’ ideas – Putin

Russia will continue to support Islamic education, which plays a key role in tackling the destructive ideas spread among Muslim youths in the country, President Vladimir Putin said. The Russian authorities will “definitely support” Islamic education through “major state universities” and other means, the president said during a meeting with the country’s top Muslim clergy in Kazan on Wednesday. The ...

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US ‘needs to stop supporting terrorists’ to avoid possible clash with Turkey in Syria – Deputy PM

If Washington wants to avoid possible direct confrontation with Turkey in northern Syria, it “should stop supporting terrorists,” Turkey’s deputy prime minister said, as cited by Reuters. Read more The US needs to review its forces on the ground to avoid clashes with Ankara, Bekir Bozdag said.  It comes as Turkish operation dubbed “Olive Branch” in the Kurdish-dominated town of ...

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How US went from supporting Syrian Kurds, to backing Turkey against them – in just 9 days

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been left flailing as Washington desperately struggles to avoid being shut out of Syria by its own allies – following a crisis it helped provoke just days ago. For all the backpedaling and reframing the US officials are now doing, the chronology of the volte-face from Afrin to Ankara is startlingly straightforward. READ ...

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GOP  demand #ReleaseTheMemo on ‘shocking’ FISA abuses (after supporting surveillance law)  

Republican lawmakers demand the public release of a classified memo detailing Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuses under the Obama administration. The move comes as lawmakers reauthorized government surveillance powers. The House Intelligence Committee passed the motion introduced by Rep. Peter King (R-New York) Thursday. The measure was voted on along party lines, with all Democrats voting against the motion to ...

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Europe 'dismembering itself' by not supporting 'continuity of its people' – chair of German Left

Europe is “dismembering itself” by not supporting the “continuity of its people,” a chairperson of Germany’s left-wing populist party Die Linke said, adding that its politics are leading to “nationalistic aspirations.” Speaking at the party’s conference on Sunday, Sahra Wagenknecht criticized the politics supported by Chancellor Angela Merkel, Social Democrat (SPD) leader Martin Schulz, and French President Emmanuel Macron. She ...

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Mars ice cliffs could be key to supporting life on Red Planet

Mars has ice sheets more than 100 meters deep hiding beneath its red dust, offering a potential water source for future explorers of the Red Planet, according to new research. A team of scientists, led by Colin Dundas, a geologist at the US Geological Survey, analyzed data from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), specifically looking at eight areas where erosion ...

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US evangelical Christians ‘uncritically supporting’ Trump, says Bishop of Liverpool

English Bishop Paul Bayes has condemned US religious heads who support Donald Trump, saying they can’t justify their Christian faith. Bayes warns pastors “uncritically accepting” things said by the president amounted to collusion. “Some of the things that have been said by religious leaders seem to collude with a system that marginalizes the poor, a system which builds walls instead ...

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