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Facebook is sued for ‘inflating’ ad watch times by up to 900% to lure in advertisers

Facebook hid a flaw in its video-advertising metrics that overestimated viewer engagement for more than a year in an effort to entice and keep advertisers on its platform, according to a lawsuit filed by a group of advertisers. The group of ad buyers has filed a fraud complaint alleging the social media giant hid the “irregularities” in its video metrics for ...

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MSNBC pundit Joy Reid sued for defamation after siccing her followers on Trump supporter

MSNBC host Joy Reid has been sued by a woman who has received a torrent of verbal abuse, including death threats, from Reid’s Twitter base after the host accused her of hurling racial slurs at a 14-year-old. Roslyn La Liberte has been commonly known as the screaming woman in a MAGA cap from a notorious photo, in which she appears ...

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Elon Musk sued by British rescue diver he called a ‘pedo’ and ‘rapist’ on Twitter

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is being sued for libel and slander by a British rescue diver who he called “pedo guy” on Twitter following the rescue of a group of young Thai soccer players who became trapped in a cave in July. Musk was widely criticized for making the unsubstantiated claim that the British diver, Vernon Unsworth, was a pedophile ...

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Ukraine’s controversial parliament speaker to be sued after calling Hitler ‘biggest democrat’

Ukraine’s parliament speaker may end up in court over a controversial remark about Adolf Hitler. An MP intends to sue him for saying the Nazi leader was “the biggest man to practice direct democracy.” Andrey Parubiy sparked a Nazi-related controversy on Tuesday when he appeared on a political talk show on ICTV. Discussing the national law on referenda, he said ...

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Louisiana police sued for withholding ‘Antifa list’ of anti-Trump petitioners

Louisiana State Police are being sued by a Harvard lecturer over their alleged refusal to release a list of anti-Trump petitioners that they had. He says it originated from a neo-Nazi website, and was named “Antifa list.” Harvard Law School lecturer Thomas Frampton is suing Louisiana State Police (LSP) over its alleged failure to release a list of thousands of ...

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Cops sued by family whose son died after being tasered in genitals – and other shocking US cases

A US federal judge has ruled that a family can proceed with their lawsuit against a police officer who tasered their teenage son in the groin on the night that he died in police custody after being arrested while high on LSD. The Texas teenager, Graham Dyer, was arrested on the night of August 13, 2013 during a trip on ...

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Musk called out for greed, sued over his mammoth $2.62bn Tesla package

Tesla CEO Elon Musk faces legal action from a Tesla shareholder who accused the visionary CEO of neglecting the needs of investors and using the tech company for his personal enrichment. Days after some shareholders said the time has come to oust the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk faces yet another challenge. A new lawsuit filed in the Delaware Court of Chancery ...

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Facebook & Google sued over election ads in Washington state

Silicon Valley social media giants may face millions of dollars in penalties from two lawsuits filed in Seattle, Washington, arguing that they have failed to comply with state and local laws on election advertising. State Attorney General Bob Ferguson sued Facebook and Google on Monday, saying they have not produced documents requested by the media and members of the public ...

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Happy GDPR day! US news sites blocked, FB sued as EU privacy rules come into force

Blocked from viewing US news outlets, overwhelmed by emails, Europeans shared memes and cheered. Facebook and Google, though, may have little to cheer about, now that they’re sued for “forced consent” over new privacy rules. The new set of strict regulations, also known as the General Data Protection Regulation (or briefly GDPR), was passed in April 2016 and came into ...

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US doctor who danced over unconscious patients sued for malpractice

A self-proclaimed “highly competent surgeon” in Atlanta is facing several lawsuits for malpractice after posting YouTube videos of her singing and dancing over her unconscious patients. According to WSB-TV Atlanta, one of the lawsuits filed against Dr. Windell Davis-Boutte accuses her of causing her patient permanent brain damage after performing a liposuction in 2016. The 26-year-old son of the patient ...

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