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85% of world's 1bn firearms held by civilians, study shows

As many as 85 percent of the world’s one billion legal and illicit firearms are held by civilians – far exceeding the number of those held by modern armed forces and law enforcement agencies, a Swiss-based think tank revealed. There are roughly one billion firearms in the world, and the vast majority of them are in civilian – not military ...

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Almost half of Indians out of drinking water by 2030, 600 million facing shortages – study

Hundreds of millions of Indians are in need of clean water and demand may twice exceed the available supply by 2030, a government think tank has warned. 200,000 people already die annually due to drought and water contamination. The second-largest population in the world is suffering from the worst water crisis in its history, with the situation deteriorating year by ...

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Dumbing down? New study suggests young people's IQs are in decline

A new study, conducted by Norwegian scientists, shows that IQ scores of today’s young people are in decline, putting an end to the post-war trend of rising intelligence. After the Second World War young people’s IQs were steadily rising. It was dubbed the Flynn effect after New Zealand intelligence researcher James Flynn. This phenomenon saw average IQ scores rise about ...

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‘Mass extinction’ volcanic eruptions could wipe out life on Earth, new study claims

Devastating volcanic eruptions, caused by excess carbon in the atmosphere, could one day lead to the mass extinction of all marine animals, and possibly all life on Earth – so says a new study. The dire warning comes amid dramatic seismic events in Guatemala and Hawaii, where hundreds of people have been either killed or displaced from their homes in ...

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Chernobyl contaminating cow milk 30 years after nuclear meltdown – study

More than 30 years after its catastrophic meltdown, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is being blamed for high radiation levels discovered in local cow’s milk. Sampling milk from private farms in the Ukraine’s Rivne region, scientists from Exeter University and the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences made a startling find –  radioactive material from more than three decades ...

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Spiritual feeling: Study locates part of brain that deals with the supernatural

A team of US scientists believe they may have discovered the chemical origins of human spirituality in a particular part of the human brain. Religious, supernatural and even meditative moments can create all manner of human reactions, changing people’s emotional and psychological state. And, while supernatural events or incidents stemming from a mystical being on-high remain difficult to explain, scientists ...

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Trump’s tariffs to kill thousands of US jobs – study

US President Donald Trump’s trade war is supposed to create more jobs, but a recent study shows the reality may be more bitter for the ‘America First’ policy. Read more The US recently imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum coming from its allies in the European Union, Mexico and Canada. The trade penalties, 25 percent on imported steel and 10 ...

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Hurricane Maria killed 70 times more Puerto Ricans than estimated – study

The official death toll in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria stands at 64, but researchers at Harvard University estimate the real figure is more than 4,600. Around a third of those deaths are believed to derive from  a lack of medical care arising from power outages and broken infrastructure, according to the new study. READ MORE: EPA warns Puerto Rico ...

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Trans brains different from non-trans people, MRI study shows

A new study using MRI scans of the brains of transgender children reveals similarities between brains of their preferred gender, suggesting trans people are born with their differences. The study reveals the brains of transgender individuals who identify as women are more similar to the brains of women than men, and the same goes for transgender people who are born ...

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