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A craving for berries gets bear stuck in a storm drain, prompting rescue via manhole (VIDEOS)

A Winnie the Pooh-like situation, which saw a black bear stuck in a hole after a meal, could have landed the 250 lb animal in the worst of trouble, were it not for an ingenious rescue plan by local rangers in Colorado. Apparently lured by the sweet smell of food coming from a garbage bag full of branches from a ...

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Helicopter crews rescue 150 skiers from stuck gondola lifts in French Alps (VIDEOS)

Published time: 25 Dec, 2017 01:42 Some 150 skiers were forced to spend most of their Christmas Eve admiring the majestic beauty of the French Alps after a lift broke down on their journey to the summit. It took rescue crews over 2 hours to rescue those stranded. The skiers got stuck some 25 meters above ground after one of ...

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Doctors’ horror as 30-inch sex toy gets stuck inside man

Published time: 15 Dec, 2017 16:59 A sex toy, measuring 30 inches, had to be removed from a British man’s anus after he drunkenly attempted to pleasure himself with it and instead perforated his bowel. Doctors confirmed the man “lost control” of the toy and ended up with it lodged inside himself. The British Medical Journal (BMJ) reported the bizarre ...

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Two Australians & their dog survive 4 nights on roof of stuck car ‘surrounded by crocodiles’

Published time: 23 Nov, 2017 02:05 Edited time: 23 Nov, 2017 02:40 Two fishermen became crocodile bait after falling victim to a bog tide in the Australian wild. To escape the hungry predators, they reportedly had to practice their survival skills on the roof of their stranded vehicle for days before help arrived. Last Friday two Australian fishermen and their ...

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Failure to launch: Millions stuck with parents as young can’t afford to buy or rent a home

Published time: 9 Nov, 2017 10:22 One in four young adults is still living with mum and dad, with young men more likely to live at home as expensive rental and housing markets leave young people locked out of affordable accommodation. Staggering new data collated by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show a steady rise in the number of ...

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Chicken-shop ‘burglar’ gets stuck in extractor unit for 7hrs before officers cut him out

Published time: 2 Nov, 2017 17:25 A man is being questioned in connection with a suspected break-in after police found him stuck in an extractor unit at a fried-chicken shop. Officers posted a photo of the scene, showing the man’s legs poking out of the side of the building. West Midlands Police say they were called to the scene after ...

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SEE IT: Hurricane Irma evacuee gets stuck on NJ Transit train

Anybody out there? A Highlands, N.J., woman woke up alone and afraid in a NJ Transit rail yard after hours of travelling from her college in Fla., according to NJ.com. According to the outlet, the train came to a stop in Raritan, two hours from Connelly’s home. only i would wake up on an empty NJTransit train parked and shut ...

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SEE IT: Man rescued after leg gets stuck in sinkhole in Brooklyn

Watch that first step. A man delivering a tire to a Brooklyn repair shop was swallowed by a small sinkhole that sucked up his right leg. Steven Suarez was pushing a hand truck and crossing a street in Clinton Hill shortly after 11 a.m. when the ground gave way beneath his feet and trapped him in the crosswalk for nearly ...

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Marlins' HR sculpture stuck in OF even if new owners want it gone

The Captain has his first major-league ship as an owner in the form of Marlins Park, but not even Derek Jeter can remove the stadium’s 73-foot eyesore from the centerfield stands. The gaudy mechanical sculpture, which powers oscillating dolphins and flamingos whenever the Marlins hit a home run, cannot be removed by Jeter or the rest of his ownership group ...

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Sleeping caddy's boss stuck penis in face, snapped pic: suit

Fore-skin! A teed-off Long Island caddy is swinging back at his boss over a humiliating golf course prank. Robert Lee Wiggins, 50, of Hempstead, L.I., is suing the golf club where he worked for 20 years after the caddy manager stuck his penis or a facsimile sex toy in Wiggins’ face, a Brooklyn Federal Court lawsuit charged. A picture of ...

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