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WaPo issues correction as story claims more people killed in school shootings than in military

The Washington Post has been forced into making several corrections to a story claiming that the number of people killed in US schools this year was double that of those killed serving in the military. READ MORE: ‘Door control is the real issue’: Twitter reacts to Texas high school massacre The newspaper revised the piece after it emerged that reporter ...

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DIY daredevil: Man clings to 12th story balcony while fixing window (VIDEO)

It looks like a case of extreme home renovation – a man risks death by clinging to the edge of a 12th floor balcony with one hand while he drills a window frame with the other. The bizarre DIY attempt was filmed by a curious neighbor in the Siberian city of Tyumen, after they spotted a man fitting a window ...

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#Romanovs100: The only Romanov who survived, Joy’s incredible story

As part of RT’s history project, #Romanovs100, an unexpected story is unfolding. Spaniel_joy_romanov is offering a canine perspective on one of the most powerful families in the world, using Instagram as his creative platform. The avatar of Spaniel_joy_romanov is based on a real dog, Joy – Tsarevitch Alexei’s pet. The Russian spaniel joined the family in 1914 and was a ...

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NBC eats another fake news sandwich after correcting explosive ‘wiretap’ story

NBC has walked back an explosive story claiming that President Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen had his phones tapped by federal investigators. The high-profile gaffe is the network’s latest adventure in bungled reporting. NBC issued an on-air correction late Thursday afternoon, citing three unnamed US officials who disputed an earlier claim made by the network that federal investigators had wiretapped ...

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Keep calm & blame Russia: RT’s story of inconvenient facts surrounding Skripal saga (VIDEO)

If countless Russia-bashing pieces don’t help you get the big picture of the lingering Skripal saga, a report by RT’s Murad Gazdiev may. He scrutinized the major slipups in the UK government’s (and their pundits’) narrative. It is “highly likely” that Russia deployed a deadly weapons-grade toxin to poison former double agent Sergei Skripal. Porton Down, the UK’s leading chemical ...

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‘Whole story was staged’: German reporter on live TV says Douma incident was false flag attack

The alleged chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma was staged by local militants, who tried to frame it as a Syrian Army strike, a German TV correspondent, who travelled to Damascus, has said publicly, citing local witnesses. “People told us in a very convincing manner that this whole story was staged,” Uli Gack, a reporter with the German ...

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Debunked: How VoA journalist pushed fake news story on ‘Russian tanks crossing into Ukraine’

The easily-verifiable false claim by Voice of America journalist that Russian tanks were filmed entering Ukraine was shared thousands of times before being debunked. The journalist, however, refused to issue a retraction. Russian tanks passing into #Ukraine – this video taken yesterday, April 7, in a village in Rostov region next to the border between the two countries. Locals say ...

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The Oscar Romero story: Archbishop who defied a military junta & became a saint

Archbishop Oscar Romero’s nomination for a sainthood by the Catholic Church has finally been ratified by Pope Francis. It comes decades after it was first put forward by Pope Paul VI. The assassination of Romero in March 1980 plunged El Salvador into a bloody civil war that left around 90,000 people either dead or disappeared. The clergyman, an outspoken critic ...

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‘We hope to carry on this success story’: Russia 2018 LOC head on World Cup preparation

With 100 days to go until the FIFA 2018 World Cup, Stan Collymore sat down with Local Organising Committee (LOC) chief Alexey Sorokin to discuss Russia’s preparations for the tournament. The Russia 2018 World Cup kicks off in Moscow on June 14 when the host nation takes on Saudi Arabia at Luzhniki Stadium. That day, says Sorokin, will be the ...

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Assad, Kim & chemical weapons: NYT ties in all the ‘villains’ in story on leaked UN report

What could be better to beat the drum for regime change than tying North Korean missiles to Syria and chemical weapons? Apparently, the New York Times did just that when it wrote about a leaked UN report. The article, run by the respectable US newspaper on Tuesday, is based on a 200-page report by a group of eight experts who ...

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