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Story of 2 elderly Germans who ran away from care home to attend metal festival is (sadly) untrue

A poorly-worded police statement can ignite a fake news explosion better than a dozen YouTube conspiracy videos, as illustrated by the collapse of a heart-warming tale about two OAPs going head-banging one last time. A single paragraph report from the police department of the town of Itzehoe, northern Germany, at the weekend, referred to the 3am detention of “elderly gentlemen” ...

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Daily Mail pulls story about ‘migrant-infested’ Paris suburb after backlash

The Daily Mail has pulled a feature exposing a Paris suburb overrun with illegal migrants after Paris residents pointed out obvious mistakes in the story. It was however based on an actual alarming state report about a wider area. The article, now deleted, promised to blow the lid on “Powder Keg Paris,” advertised as “a devastating report” about 300,000 illegal ...

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Possible love triangle motive as video questions NYPD cop’s story over sidewalk shooting

Footage showing an off-duty New York City cop planting an object next to a man he shot has cast doubt over his story that he was being threatened at the time. Reports suggest the men were involved in a love triangle. Surveillance footage of the incident first released by NBC New York shows Ritchard Blake, 40, a police sergeant from ...

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‘The Americans' was a 'documentary’: Twitter on fire over mysterious Russian spy story

A 29-year-old woman accused of acting as a Russian agent in the United States and using sex as part of her ‘covert plan’ has been jailed without bail pending her trial — and it’s all too much for Twitter to handle. Maria Butina was arrested on Sunday on charges of acting as a foreign agent without registering with the US ...

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Economist writer mocked for peddling old, debunked ‘Russian hack’ story in bizarre tweet to Macron

The Economist’s senior journalist Jeremy Cliffe has been mocked after rehashing the debunked story about the Kremlin ‘hacking’ Emmanuel Macron’s campaign. Observers reminded him it was rubbished by the French secret service. Cliffe, who runs The Economist’s Berlin Bureau, tweeted about French President Macron when he was celebrating his country’s victory at the FIFA World Cup on Sunday. The French ...

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‘We choose for whom we wear stockings’: Petition slams ‘whores’ story on Russian women at World Cup

A petition has been launched demanding an apology from the tabloid newspaper that published a controversial article, describing Russian women as ‘whores’ for flirting with foreign fans during the World Cup. More than 37,000 people signed the petition, which calls for an apology from the Moskovskiy Komsomolets newspaper, which earlier published a provocative piece titled “The time of whores: Russian ...

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‘Stupid God’: Tough-talking Duterte takes on Bible creation story

No one can escape the wrath of Rodrigo Duterte, one of the toughest-talking world leaders today, be it a US president, UN chief, or even the Pope! The Philippines president has now gone a step further by calling God “stupid.” This time the 72-year-old leader targeted the concept of original sin in the Bible. During a speech at the opening ...

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Ukraine’s story of thwarting journalist’s murder starts to fall apart

It didn’t take long for the story of a brave operation to prevent a Russian assassination in Kiev by faking a journalist’s death to start unravelling and revealing a crude publicity stunt. On Wednesday, Ukraine’s national security service SBU shocked the world by revealing that it had staged the murder of Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko. The service claimed it was ...

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WaPo issues correction as story claims more people killed in school shootings than in military

The Washington Post has been forced into making several corrections to a story claiming that the number of people killed in US schools this year was double that of those killed serving in the military. READ MORE: ‘Door control is the real issue’: Twitter reacts to Texas high school massacre The newspaper revised the piece after it emerged that reporter ...

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