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French wineries urge govt to stop killing 'the soul of France' with health warnings on wine

Labeling bottles with bigger health warnings will turn wine into a “criminal product” and damage “the soul of France”, says the group of French top chateaus in response to the plan by the country’s health ministry. In an attempt to stop the measure, 64 major French wine producers, including Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, Yquem, Cheval Blanc, Petrus, Pol Roger and ...

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US & Israel want to stop Iran from withdrawing its cash from Germany

Iran wants to withdraw €300 million ($ 350 million) from bank accounts in Germany before US sanctions kick in, German newspaper Bild reports. The United States and Israel are reportedly pressuring Berlin to intervene and stop it. Read more Iranian officials told the German Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) the money is needed “to pass on to Iranian citizens who require ...

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Iran tells Trump: Stop tweeting, it's driving up oil prices

US President Donald Trump has been attacking OPEC for keeping oil prices artificially high – but officials in Iran insist that Trump’s tweets are driving crude prices higher. On Monday, Trump took another swipe at OPEC, accusing the oil organization of not helping the US to reduce domestic gasoline prices. The OPEC Monopoly must remember that gas prices are up ...

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‘To prevent veterans’ suicide, US should stop waging wars across the globe’

Moral injury is the real reason why US veterans are committing suicide, as they realize all the horrors of war and innocent people killed were for nothing but US corporate interests, US Iraq war veteran Vince Emanuele told RT. Dozens of US veterans gathered for a march in front of the New Orleans VA hospital on July 1, to raise ...

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Waters slams Democrat leaders for protecting own power as they urge her to stop resistance rhetoric

Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters has accused her party’s leaders of protecting their own power, after they denounce her calls for harassing Trump officials. The California congresswoman, dubbed #MadMaxine by some Trump supporters, blasted establishment Democrats for calling for calm. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi both called for civility and debate instead of violent confrontation. ...

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India likely to ignore Washington’s call to stop buying Iranian crude oil

India doesn’t recognize unilateral sanctions, so the country is unlikely to comply with the US demand to halt oil imports from Iran, according to India’s top oil official. On Tuesday, a senior State Department official said that the White House demanded countries cut all imports of Iranian oil from November with no exemptions expected to be entitled. Washington announced plans ...

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Hungary approves ‘Stop Soros’ law criminalizing aid to illegal migrants

Hungary’s parliament has passed a law that could see anyone helping illegal immigrants claim asylum in the country imprisoned. The ‘Stop Soros’ law is named after Hungarian-born billionaire and open-borders advocate, George Soros. The law was voted on in the Hungarian parliament on Wednesday, where Viktor Orban’s right-wing Fidesz party holds a two-thirds majority. Under the law, individuals who aid ...

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White Helmets: A tool for ‘regime change’ in Syria that’s too important to stop funding?

Washington’s decision to resume funding for White Helmets after a brief freeze highlights how important the controversial group is for the US-promoted regime-change agenda, journalists and Syrian conflict observers have told RT. “The Pentagon planners have probably finally realized just how important the White Helmets are to the regime change operation,” Mike Raddie, co-editor of BSNews and an anti-war activist, ...

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FBI agent’s text to lover: ‘We’ll stop’ Trump from becoming president

The agent who worked on the FBI investigation into the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russia told his colleague and lover that the agency would work to “stop” Donald Trump from becoming president. FBI special agent Peter Strzok and lawyer Lisa Page – who were having an affair –  briefly worked on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s ‘Russiagate’ investigation. They exchanged ...

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Murderer who ate his own eyeball is crazy, but that won’t stop his execution – court

A death row inmate in Texas, who gouged out both of his eyes in jail, eating one of them, has been told that his severe mental illness is not reason enough to commute his sentence. However, alleged racial bias by the jury may be. Andre Thomas, who was sentenced to death for the brutal murder of his estranged wife, their ...

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