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‘Gender stereotypes’ & ‘sexual objectification’ banned from Stockholm billboards

Scantily-clad blondes on the streets of Stockholm will soon be a thing of the past after the city council voted to give the advertising regulator sweeping new powers to remove adverts it deems sexist or degrading. The law, which will be enforced from next month, was passed Monday after receiving near-unanimous backing from all parties other than the populist Swedish ...

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Boxing Barbie in likeness of bisexual British fighter aims to strike down stereotypes

British boxer Nicola Adams has been honored with a Barbie doll in her likeness, which she hopes will strike a body blow to sexist stereotypes. Adams, who is bisexual, became the first woman to win an Olympic boxing title at her home London Olympic Games in 2012. That same year, she was named among the 101 most influential LGBT figures ...

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How racial stereotypes nearly put Ho-Sang's NHL career on ice

You can be a lot of things in hockey. You can be black or brown or even Jewish. But what the old, crusty lords of the game tend to discriminate against are creativity, flashiness and cockiness. Josh Ho-Sang, the Islanders’ electrifying, 21-year old rookie, is all of these things. So when he played junior hockey in Canada, the knock against ...

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