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‘No more DACA deal!’ Trump rules out legal status for childhood arrivals

Donald Trump has said there will be no deal to give legal status to migrants who came to the US as minors. In a series of tweets on Sunday, he also told Republicans to take the “nuclear option” and eliminate the Senate filibuster. READ MORE: Trump suggests American military may pay for US-Mexico border wall since it’s now ‘rich’ The ...

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Micropodcasting? Facebook tries Voice Clip status updates

More intimate than text but easier to record than video, Facebook hopes voice could get people sharing more on its aging social network. And internationally, where users may have to deal with non-native language keyboards, voice lets them speak their mind without a typing barrier. Facebook is now testing Voice Clips as a status update option with a small percentage ...

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‘Russian bots’ outcry: Is Twitter cracking down on people who ‘challenge the status quo’?

Twitter’s crusade against so-called “Russian bots” is being used to discredit and even silence views that challenge corporate narratives, the editor of BSNews told RT amid reports of a massive account purge on the platform. A crackdown on bot spam or dissent? “The whole meme of the bots, especially the ‘Russian bots,’ is actually being used as a kind of ...

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Facebook Messenger’s ‘Your Emoji’ status tells friends what’s up

Want to let friends know you’re trying to party, hit the gym, focus on work or grab a drink? That’s the idea behind a powerful new feature Facebook Messenger is testing called Your Emoji. Akin to offline meetup app Down to Lunch, it lets you overlay a chosen emoji on your Messenger profile pic for 24 hours as a way ...

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‘It would show Russia cares about future’: Patriarch urges special status for multi-child families

Russian Orthodox Church head Patriarch Kirill has urged senators to provide special status for multi-child families in Russia, questioning why this can’t be done when preferences are being given to sexual minorities in the West. “The Church has supported and will support any positive changes in legislation aimed at maintaining maternity and childhood and, especially, to overcome such a terrible ...

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Health insurer Aetna fined for leaking members’ HIV status

Aetna, one of the biggest US health insurance companies, was fined $ 1.15 million after exposing the HIV-positive status of more than 2,400 New Yorkers. The settlement, announced on Tuesday by New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, stemmed from a privacy violation case where Aetna members with HIV received envelopes with large glassine windows. Each members’ name, address, claim ...

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Outrage as Trump administration ends temporary protected status for 260k Salvadorans

Salvadorans living in the US under the temporary protected status (TPS) will have to return home or seek alternative immigration status by September 2019. The decision has provoked outrage from critics of President Donald Trump. “The decision to terminate TPS for El Salvador was made after a review of the disaster-related conditions upon which the country’s original designation was based ...

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Twitter cites Trump’s ‘World Leader’ status for not banning him over nuke tweet

Published time: 6 Jan, 2018 02:02 Under pressure to delete President Donald Trump’s account, Twitter has clarified why his “Nuclear Button” tweet against North Korean leader Kim Jong-un does not violate its standards against threatening violence. Twitter released a statement Friday after a number of Twitter users said the January 2 tweet threatening nuclear war violated Twitter’s revised Terms of ...

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‘Assange status unchanged’ despite cryptic tweets, Ecuadorian embassy tells RT

Published time: 3 Jan, 2018 17:10 The Ecuadorian embassy has spoken out following rampant speculation about the health and whereabouts of Julian Assange after his recent cryptic tweet. The concern was sparked by the WikiLeaks founder sending a bizarre tweet on New Year’s Day which featured a 60 character code and a link to the popular ‘Paper Planes’ song by ...

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‘Olympic athletes from Russia’– What do we know about the status of Russia’s ‘neutral’ competitors?

Published time: 6 Dec, 2017 18:48 The International Olympic Committee (IOC) embarked on an un unprecedented course of action Tuesday, banning Russia from the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang during its executive board meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland. While Russia will be prohibited from sending an official team to the Games, ‘clean’ Russian athletes who have never been convicted of doping ...

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