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Star Arab-Jewish marriage not ok, because ‘Jews didn’t recover from Holocaust’ – top Israeli MP

A low-key wedding of an Arab Israeli TV host and a Jewish actor didn’t sit well with a top Israeli politician who said mixed marriages like this are a blow for Jews still suffering from the losses of the Holocaust. Marriages between Jews and non-Jews are a problem for Yair Lapid, chairman of the centrist Yesh Atid (Hebrew for ‘There ...

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Star Wars writer & Trump critic says Marvel fired him for being ‘not civil’ on Twitter

Novelist and comic book writer Chuck Wendig, known for his tough talk against US President Donald Trump and the Republican Party, says Marvel fired him from a Star Wars miniseries for being too “vulgar” on social media. US comic book and film giant Marvel decided to remove Wendig from the remainder of his ‘Shadow of Vader’ miniseries and a separate ...

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Aspiring pop star borrows hubby’s govt car to make music video, blocks Moscow roadway (VIDEO)

Moscow traffic is bad enough as it is, but the wife of a Russian official didn’t think twice about making it worse. She used a government car to block traffic on a major roadway in the capital while she danced for a music video. Oksana Yakovleva, 29, who uses the stage name ‘Yaxana,’ and her cohorts have been slapped with ...

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‘I wagged my buttocks’: TV star gets FILMED strip-teasing undercover cops – and fumes over blowback

A German actress has landed herself in hot water after stripping and flashing her bum (and more) to a group of men in a carpark – unaware that the trio were actually undercover police, who then filmed her saucy little striptease. Antje Monning, 40, described her roadside antics as a spur-of-the-moment decision… that landed her with a €1,200 fine ($ ...

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Julia Roberts brother, ‘Runaway Train’ star Eric Roberts ‘won’t mind’ getting Russian citizenship

The elder brother of Julia Roberts and Oscar-nominated actor, Eric Roberts, may join action star Steven Seagal, and French movie icon Gerard Depardieu in acquiring a Russian passport. The American actor and director was asked if he’d like to become Russian, as he came to chair the jury at a film festival in Rostov-on-Don. “I wouldn’t mind,” was his reply ...

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Mom accidently makes red-faced son star of cringey ‘Him Too’ movement

A man who unwittingly became the viral star of a ‘Him Too’ hashtag has blamed his mother for the unwanted fame. It comes after she posted a Twitter tribute claiming her “gentleman” son is afraid to date because of “feminists.” Pieter Hanson has clawed back some credibility that was lost as a result of his mother’s post, which featured him ...

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Russophobia Digest Part 12: Bots hate Star Wars, Hillary's bitter and Russians with no conscience

It’s been a week of well diversified Russophobia, from multi-state cross-border accusations of hacking, all the way down to bots being blamed for the last Star Wars movie getting bad reviews. Here’s a look at the last seven days or so of Russophobia. Read more Luke, feel the Russophobia Jedi master Luke Skywalker milked an alien, the plot had more ...

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‘Why not?’: Brazilian transsexual volleyball star runs for Congress

Following a prolific career in international men’s volleyball and just six years after completing her gender-reassignment surgery, Tifanny Abreu is hoping to become Brazil’s first transsexual MP. Under a campaign slogan of “Why not?” the 33-year old has faced criticism from the LGBT community in her home country for choosing to run for the center-right conservative MBD party of incumbent ...

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Live long & prosper: Real-life Planet Vulcan orbiting ‘Star Trek’ sun & could host life

Astronomers have boldly gone where no man has gone before in announcing that Star Trek’s fictional planet Vulcan is real – and even has a sun just like ours. The planet is twice the size of Earth and has a 42-day-long year. Since the show’s writer associated Vulcan with a real star, named 40 Eridani A, curious scientists and sci-fi ...

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Hubble detects never-before-seen features around neutron star

NASA’s Hubble space telescope has detected an unusual infrared light emission from a nearby neutron star, indicating never-before-seen features around the celestial object. This is the first neutron star in which an extended signal has been seen only in infrared light. The remarkable discovery was made by a team of international researchers who have offered two possible explanations for the ...

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