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High standards: US Army waives pot use in bid to fill ranks

The US Army says it is willing to look past some drug use as it looks to attract new soldiers to its ranks. Signing bonuses have also been increased, and a new physical fitness test is in the works. Almost one third of all waivers granted to new recruits so far this year relate to past misconduct and drug offenses, ...

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Bag Week 2018: WP Standard’s Rucksack goes the distance

WP Standard – formerly called Whipping Post Leather – makes rugged leather bags, totes, and briefcases and their Rucksack is one of my favorites. Designed to look like something a Pony Express rider would slip on for a visit to town, this $ 275 satchel is sturdy, handsome, and ages surprisingly well. There are some trade-offs, however. Except for two ...

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Russia rejects US demands to free convicts as propaganda and double standards

US authorities have no moral right to demand the release of convicted inmates, because Washington itself has been convicting Russian citizens in violation international law, Russian diplomats have stated. The Russian embassy in Washington released the statement as a reply to the resolution, in which the US Department of State demanded that the Russian authorities immediately release all people who ...

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Shouting ‘witch hunt’ is a Kremlin tactic? RT dives into Democrat double standards (VIDEO)

Published time: 30 May, 2018 10:02 Edited time: 30 May, 2018 10:16 Repeating the same, tired mantra ad nauseam in order to score political points is a textbook Kremlin tactic, Congresswoman Maxine Waters says. But what about the Democrats’ own year-long droning about ‘Russian meddling’? The California Democrat – who has gained international notoriety for her colorful utterances on Russia-related ...

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Strikes on Syria as Yemen atrocities ignored: Journalists discuss the West’s double standards

Airstrikes by the US, France, and the UK over an alleged chemical attack in Syria were a case of “execution before the trial,” author Charles Glass told RT’s Going Underground, citing their refusal to wait for an OPCW probe. Unlike the alleged attack in Syria, real atrocities by Saudi Arabia in Yemen do not get the same response, Yemeni journalist ...

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US stance on East Ghouta shows ‘egregious double standards’ – senior Russian diplomat

The US position on the humanitarian situation in Eastern Ghouta, a militant-controlled suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus, is a clear example of “double standards,” the Russian deputy foreign minister has said. Sergey Ryabkov said that Russia is working within the UN Security Council to prepare a resolution on humanitarian issues in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta. His statement comes amid concerns ...

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‘Double standards are unacceptable’: Russian State Duma reacts to CAS ruling over Olympic ban

Speaker of the Russian State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin has called for a firm response from his colleagues to the recent Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) ruling, which denied Olympic entry to 47 Russian athletes. On Friday morning, the Ad Hoc division of the CAS dismissed two appeals filed by the Russian athletes and coaches, stating that invitation to the ...

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GM’s self-driving car challenges federal safety standards

General Motors will soon unveil the self-driving Chevrolet Bolt, a car not equipped with pedals or a steering wheel, leaving control entirely to the vehicle’s AI. US regulations, however, may not be keeping pace. General Motors’ new driverless car will be showcased in a test batch in San Francisco ride-sharing fleets, and will be the first production-ready car without the ...

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Hug it out? Americans divided over sexual harassment standards – poll

A new poll reveals that Americans do not agree on whether a “non-consensual hug” should be considered sexual harassment. Seven other hypothetical situations were also put before people to determine what was appropriate or not. The majority of Americans agree that non-consensual groping or kissing should be considered sexual harassment, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released Wednesday. However, the poll ...

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Britain faces ‘longest fall in living standards since the 1950s’

Published time: 23 Nov, 2017 12:11 Britain is on track for the longest period of falling living standards since records began, a think tank has warned. Its analysis shows Chancellor Hammond’s budget will drive up inequality and see families suffer their biggest squeeze since the 1950s. The Resolution Foundation, a think tank which focuses on how to bolster living standards, ...

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