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Thousands of Twitter accounts that spread fake news during the 2016 election are still active today, say researchers

Fake news and misinformation was a key tactic used by the Russians during the 2016 presidential election to try to sway voters against candidates and sow mistruths and mistrust. Now, with just weeks before the 2018 midterm elections, researchers say things are almost as bad. Research out Thursday by the Knight Foundation found that more than 80 percent of the ...

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WhatsApp now marks forwarded messages to curb the spread of deadly misinformation

WhatsApp just introduced a new feature designed to help its users identify the origin of information that they receive in the messaging app. For the first time, a forwarded WhatsApp message will include an indicator that marks it as forwarded. It’s a small shift for the messaging platform, but potentially one that could make a big difference in the way ...

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Be nice & don’t spread manure: Canadian farmers asked to avoid smelly fertilizer during G7

Farmers in Charlevoix, Quebec were urged not to spread smelly fertilizer before the G7 summit in order to protect high-ranking guests from an unpleasant odor, according to media reports. The move may jeopardize crops, however. The call for farmers to avoid spreading manure on their fields came ahead of the G7 summit, which will take place in Charlevoix on June ...

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Study finds conspiracy theories aren’t all spread by tinfoil-hat-wearing crazies

An exhaustive new study has shed light on how conspiracy theories spread online and who actually believes them. As conspiracy theories seem more widespread than ever, a team of Australian researchers tried to unravel why the often outlandish beliefs gain widespread appeal. The researchers forensically examined every entry on the Reddit r/Conspiracy page from 2007 to 2015. After separating the ...

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Spread of Wahhabism was done at request of West during Cold War – Saudi crown prince

The Saudi-funded spread of Wahhabism began as a result of Western countries asking Riyadh to help counter the Soviet Union during the Cold War, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman told the Washington Post. Speaking to the paper, bin Salman said that Saudi Arabia’s Western allies urged the country to invest in mosques and madrassas overseas during the Cold War, in ...

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Watch how fake news is born and spread after release of PR firm’s Russia-Brexit report

The release of a report that claims Russian media outlets RT and Sputnik were a major influence on the outcome of the Brexit vote has unwittingly allowed people to see exactly how “fake news” is formed and spread on Twitter. The self-funded report was produced by PR firm 89up, a lobbying firm that runs communications for pro-EU pressure group ‘Best ...

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Anti-fascists protest against spread of ‘posh schoolboy’ alt-right Generation Identity

A group of anti-fascists have rallied in Central London to protest against the rise of alt-right group Generation Identity (GI), a group made up of “posh school boys” opposing white supremacy to liberalist ideas. Students from the School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS) gathered outside the university to protest against GI’s “increase in activity in the UK in general, ...

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‘CIA friends’ asked Moby to spread word of Trump-Russia collusion on social media

In a recent interview, Moby said his friends at the CIA asked him to take advantage of a greater “social media following” to spread rumors about President Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia during the 2016 campaign. Multi-award winning recording artist and activist Moby gave an interview to WFPK on Thursday to promote his new album, “Everything Was Beautiful and ...

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Study: Russia-linked fake Twitter accounts sought to spread terrorist-related social division in the UK

A study by UK academics looking at how fake social media accounts were used to spread socially divisive messages in the wake of a spate of domestic terrorists attacks this year has warned that the problem of hostile interference in public debate is greater than previously thought. The researchers, who are from Cardiff University’s Crime and Security Research Institute, go ...

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TOURISTS GO HOME! More holidaymakers targeted as FURIOUS protests spread across Europe

Spain has felt the brunt of the anti-tourism anger, with protests seen in holiday hotspots across the country including Barcelona, Palma and Bilbao. Hooded protestors vandalised the Basque country tourist board’s headquarters in Bilbao last week, covering it in bright red paint and anti-tourism slogans – while furious Barcelona residents descended on a local beach at the weekend, armed with ...

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