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Russia should be back in G7 as ‘we spend 25% of time’ taking about it anyway – Trump

The leaders of the G7 group spent a lot of their time during last week’s summit discussing Moscow, and so having Russia itself at the negotiation table would have been an extremely logical move, US President Donald Trump has said. “You know, we spend probably 25 percent of our time talking about Russia, and I said wouldn’t it be better ...

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Spend on schools or bow to US demands? German politicians debate NATO strategy

US President Donald Trump has accused Germany of not contributing enough to the NATO budget – but will German Chancellor Angela Merkel dance to Washington’s tune? Politicians on both sides of Germany’s political spectrum shared their views with RT. On Thursday, Trump warned NATO members that they will be “dealt with” if they fail to fulfill their financial obligations to ...

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Kremlin spokesman dismisses media reports on plans to boost Russian social spend

Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov has said that media reports on changes to the state budget had mentioned sums that differed from those used in the actual draft, but refused to discuss the document before it is signed. Read more “The decree was worded and drafted within the pre-planned terms, its development and expert re-working are now practically over. It ...

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Crisis-hit German army to spend millions on weapons & hardware – report

The German army is reportedly planning to spend millions on brand new rocket launchers, drones, helicopters and cargo aircraft to bridge gaps in its arsenal as the US pressures Berlin to do more for defense. Germany’s Defense Ministry plans to purchase 18 items each costing more than €25 million (US$ 30 million), according to Handelsblatt and Bild. The list is, ...

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New Russian bill orders sacking of MPs whose spend exceeds official income

The Lower House Security Committee of the Russian parliament has approved a new draft law which allows to firing of federal lawmakers who lie in their income declarations and spend more than they officially earn. The bill, written by MP Anatoly Vybornyi of the majority party United Russia, orders that Russian senators and state Duma deputies who knowingly include false ...

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Hefty & heftier: US lawmakers push Trump to spend more on Russian ‘propaganda fight’

The State Department has a $ 120-million war chest to counter ‘Russian propaganda’ but that’s not enough for top lawmakers, who are demanding that President Donald Trump pumps even more into the costly effort. Members of the House Armed Services Committee demanded that the US president invests more money and finally appoints a leader of the Global Engagement Center (GEC), ...

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State Dept has $120mn war chest for Russia-bashing – and ex-envoy McFaul wants to spend it

There is $ 120 million in funding for “countering Russian propaganda” stashed somewhere in the State Department. There are “Russia experts” willing to blame Russia for everything. The two are meant to be together. The $ 120 million, of which Rex Tillerson’s diplomatic corps has failed to spend a cent, is funding for the Global Engagement Center – a task ...

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Cryptocurrencies: High risk, high profit — but can you spend it?

The volatility in the digital currency market makes it a tricky investment. And even if you garner a profit, you may struggle to get your hands on your money. “For any investor, the main question is always how to cash out. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and unregulated, which can be seen as a great achievement. But in terms of cashing out ...

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Now, even the Financial Times admits America’s super-rich have more money than they can spend

You know an economic system is broken when even the Financial Times is upset about wealth distribution and the demise of the ‘American Dream.’ Now, growing inequality has prompted the paper to join the chorus calling for change. If any media outlet in the world is associated with a pro-capitalist agenda, it’s surely the FT. So, its chief US commentator’s ...

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Apple says a processing error led it to send developers wrong app install and ad spend details

Yesterday, we noted and reported on how Apple was sending developers emails with install and ad spend details for other developers’ apps. Today, Apple has sent out a note to developers to say that a processing error caused the problem, and that in the future it will only send alerts by email, but that developers will have to log in ...

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