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Tiny ‘ghost particle’ helps scientists solve century-old space radiation mystery

A tiny ‘ghost’ subatomic particle, detected by scientists as it was racing through the Antarctic ice, may hold the key to the biggest mysteries of the universe and open up a new kind of astronomy based on the study of neutrinos. Since cosmic rays were discovered in the early 1900s, scientists have been working to find the source of the ...

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Progress cargo spacecraft makes fastest-ever trip to space station (VIDEOS)

A Russian Progress cargo spacecraft on a Soyuz booster carrying supplies for the International Space Station crew has successfully completed its record-breaking two-orbit trip in less than four hours. The Progress MS-09 blasted off atop a Soyuz-2.1a rocket at 21:51 GMT Monday from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Some 1.5 hours and several thruster firings after liftoff, the spacecraft’s onboard ...

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Earth must strengthen its defenses against mutant space bacteria – Russian scientists

Terrestrial bacteria that were sent to space and returned changed now pose a threat to the existence of life on Earth, and measures must be taken planetside to contain them, Russian scientists said. A Russian experiment called ‘Biorisk’ has revealed that various microorganisms from Earth were able to survive in the harsh conditions of space on the surface of the ...

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Baikonur ban: Russia prohibits social networks at major space facility in Kazakhstan

The head of the Kazakhstan-based Russian space launch facility, Baikonur, has banned all staff from using social networks in a bid to boost security and discipline. “In order to prevent any leaks of classified information and to strengthen work discipline all workers of the facility are forbidden from using personal mobile phones and tablets for accessing websites, social networks and ...

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Japanese space rocket crashes & explodes seconds after launch (VIDEO)

The launch of privately developed Japanese sounding rocket MOMO-2 resulted in a catastrophic failure, as the spacecraft crashed back to Earth after only a few seconds in flight. The rocket exploded, damaging the ground facilities. The MOMO rocket family is developed by a private startup company with the ambitious name ‘Interstellar Technologies.’ The rocket was launched from Taiki, Hokkaido prefecture ...

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Fly me to the moon: Tickets to space going on sale in 2019

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will start selling passenger tickets for trips into space as early as next year, according to Blue Origin, the space-tourism startup owned by the billionaire. The company expects its New Shepard suborbital vehicle to carry the first space tourists to orbit in 2019, according to Blue Origin Senior Vice President Rob Meyerson. The top manager hasn’t ...

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Dinosaurs to pizza: 7 of the oddest things sent into space

In our eternal quest to seek out new life, humanity has tried to make contact with extraterrestrials in some pretty weird ways. We’ve sent quite a few objects into space, some of which may truly confuse any aliens who find them. Gazing at the night sky we often ask ourselves if there’s anyone out there on planets orbiting faraway stars ...

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New Russian space boss proclaims ‘10 commandments’ for major industry revamp

The newly appointed director of the Russian state space corporation Roskosmos has said space exploration is very much like a religion for Russians and revealed the “10 commandments” that would be used under his leadership. “As I have already said, quoting from Sakharov, the meaning of our life is our expansion. Expansion in space and on the Earth and also ...

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Russian arms guru inaugurated head of space nation of Asgardia

Although Asgardia is a ‘virtual nation,’ its population is bigger than that of Samoa or Greenland. The entity challenging the current way of space exploration has inaugurated its first official head, and aims for UN recognition. The inauguration ceremony on Monday, which was held at the Hofburg Palace in the Austrian capital, was attended by dozens of guests, including scientists, ...

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'Ten times cheaper': Russian space company testing iodine rocket engine

Russian spacecraft manufacturer Energia is developing an electric propulsion rocket engine which runs on ‘pure’ iodine. The new thruster can make rockets smaller, lighter and cheaper. Engineers have patented a method of using iodine for electric-powered spacecraft propulsion, the Energia Space and Rocket Corporation said on Thursday. The company, based in the Moscow region, is the nation’s main builder of ...

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