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Kristen Bell slams THAT Snow White kiss… and the internet fires back

Disney princess Kristen Bell has taken aim at Snow White, questioning the iconic fairytale’s messages about consent and the story’s appropriateness in a modern context. The 38-year-old actress, who stars as Princess Anna in the Disney smash-hit ‘Frozen,’ took the classic cartoon to task in an interview with Parenting magazine. She told the magazine that she always raises questions about ...

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‘Eat snow & pray’: Helicopter pilot rescued after four nights stranded on freezing mountain

A helicopter pilot has survived four days on a snowy mountain without food or water, jogging around the ruined helicopter wreckage, doing pushups, and eating snow to stay alive in Russia’s coldest region. Alexander Novoseltsev was flying his Robinson helicopter from Srednekolymsk, a town in the north east of Russia, to Yakutsk, the capital of Russia’s Sakha Republic – notorious ...

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Elephants & giraffes caught in snow as South African spring takes unusual turn (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Winter had apparently come and gone for South Africa’s Western Cape and residents were looking forward to enjoying the warmer spring weather. Mother nature had different ideas this past weekend, however. Thanks to an intense cold snap which gripped much of South Africa’s Cape region, some substantial snowfalls were recorded to mark the onset of spring in a somewhat unorthodox ...

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Like on Mars: African dust & sand turn Sochi snow slopes yellow (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Published time: 24 Mar, 2018 10:47 A mix of sand and pollen has covered Russia’s Sochi resort, leaving its mountains looking like sand dunes. However, the Martian landscape didn’t stop enthusiasts from hitting the hazy yellow slopes and posting apocalyptic photos. Social media has been flooded with photos of the thick layer of yellowish dust on the snowy slopes of ...

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Horror in Khabarovsk: Dozens of cut-off hands found dumped in the snow (GRAPHIC)

A bag with 52 severed hands was found on a river island outside the city of Khabarovsk, in Russia’s Far East. Investigators say the gruesome find was not the work of a rampant serial killer, but the result of unlawful negligence. The chilling discovery was made by local fishermen who initially stumbled upon one hand sticking out of the frozen ...

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Snow storm pounds US northeast for second time in 1 week

Schools are shut and thousands are without power as the northeast of the United States suffers through its second winter storm in a week. States of emergency have been declared in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Up to 60cm (2ft) of snow has accumulated in inland parts of the two states along with neighboring New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Schools throughout ...

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Cold shoulder: Heartless hotels sent homeless back out into snow after rooms donated to charity

Guests who were unable to travel due to last week’s snow asked for at least 20 hotel rooms to be donated to the homeless as shelter from the ‘Beast from the East’. Instead, hotel bosses at Travelodge and the Premier Inn refused. Big wigs at the Premier Inn allegedly refused to let homeless people sleep in 19 rooms which had ...

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Snow place to hide: Police raid cannabis farm thanks to tip-off from ice-free roof

Police in West Yorkshire raided a large cannabis farm with a little help from the snow (or lack thereof) after officers noticed a home with a remarkably ice-free roof, despite blizzard conditions in the area. Keighley police officers searched the property after noticing the suspicious absence of snow from a rooftop among a row of houses with white-blanketed tiles. Upon ...

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Chinese snow sweeper clears skywalk at dizzying 2,000 meters height (VIDEO)

Published time: 31 Jan, 2018 08:36 Edited time: 31 Jan, 2018 09:18 A Chinese snow sweeper was captured in hair-raising footage doing a job for which most people are unlikely to volunteer – shoveling away snow on a shaky path 2,000 meters above the ground. 26-year-old Zhang Dongdong gained popularity among netizens after he was videoed clearing a skywalk at ...

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Lost in time: Abandoned home encased in glistening sheets of ice and snow (VIDEO)

Winter’s frosty embrace has transformed an abandoned Russian residence into an incredible icy palace, where frozen stalagmites hang like chandeliers. The home in Ekaterinburg, where temperatures can easily reach minus 17 degrees celsius in January, appears locked in time thanks to a burst water mains that has almost entirely coated the interior rooms in ice. Footage from the house near ...

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