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Bodycam slam in Big Apple: NYC police union seeks to block release of footage

As NYC moves to equip its police force with bodycams by 2020, its main police union is suing to block the release of such footage without a court order. Civil rights groups say the public has a right to view the videos. The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association (PBA), which represents two-thirds of NYC’s 36,000 officers, has filed a lawsuit at the ...

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‘We’ll throw his aid in his face:’ Pakistanis slam Trump for his tweet as US halts $255mn aid

President Donald Trump’s tweet describing Pakistan as liars and cheaters has provoked a wave of public fury in the South Asian country as Washington moved to withhold aid to Islamabad. On Tuesday, protesters rallied against Trump in the Pakistani port-city of Karachi, burning an effigy of the US president along with his portraits and US flags. Protesters marched through the streets ...

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Fatah and Hamas slam 'US-enabled' Israeli resolution on West Bank annexation

Published time: 1 Jan, 2018 23:18 Both rival Palestinian political groups have slammed a non-binding resolution passed by the ruling Israeli Likud party, which calls for the annexation of West Bank territory that the Palestinians see as their future state. On Sunday, the Likud Central Committee unanimously approved a non-binding resolution to annex Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria in ...

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‘US doesn’t acknowledge environmental issues’: Veterans slam US polluting Okinawa

The Japanese island of Okinawa has been dubbed the Pacific junk heap thanks to the Pentagon’s troops. A former US marine once stationed in the area told RT he was shocked by all the trash he saw near American training centers. Michael Hanes, a former US marine, saw for himself the effects of decades of pollution caused by the American ...

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Libertarians slam US ‘arbitrary censorship’ of foreign media & alternative views

The DOJ demand for RT America to register as a foreign agent is an attempt to silence undesired voices, the Libertarian Party has said, echoing views that the move is the most worst attack on freedom since the McCarthy era. Forcing RT America to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) under the pretext of its alleged links to ...

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350+ academics, politicians and celebrities slam west for enabling Saudi war against Yemen

Six Nobel peace prize laureates have joined more than 350 celebrities, public servants and academics in criticizing western leaders for “stoking the flames of war” in Yemen. In a statement marking the 1,000th day of Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen, signatories of the #Yemencantwait petition called on the leaders of the US, France and the UK to urgently broker a ...

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‘Bomb ready to blow': Muslim, European leaders slam Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem

US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was met with global condemnation, with some Muslim nations calling for armed resistance and European Union urging compliance with UN resolutions. Shortly after Trump’s announcement Wednesday, Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, said the US could no longer serve as mediator of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. He dismissed the ...

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US lawmakers slam ‘unauthorized’ military aid for Saudi-led coalition in Yemen

The US House of Representatives has passed a resolution which states Washington’s support for the Saudi-led coalition in the Yemen war is unauthorized. However, the resolution does not call for an immediate halt to US assistance. In a non-binding move, the lawmakers publicly acknowledged that the US military support for Saudi Arabia and its allies in Yemen, which involves sharing ...

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'Czech Donald Trump' election win – ‘a real slam at the establishment’

Anti-establishment election victories across the West are a rebellion against the status quo as neo-liberal parties have failed in growing economies, improving living standards and keeping domestic peace, explains Adam Garrie, managing editor at The Duran.com. A billionaire populist Andrej Babis is on course to become next Czech prime minister. In what’s become another European establishment defeat, his ANO party ...

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