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'End of national tradition’: Catholic leaders slam Sessions’ asylum ruling

US Catholic bishops have denounced Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to reverse grants of asylum based on claims of domestic abuse or gang violence, with one calling the decision the “end of our great national tradition.” “For the whole of our history, the United States has been a refuge for people seeking protection from oppression,” San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy ...

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Slam dunk: Flat-Earther logic obliterated by Reddit basketball stunt (PHOTO)

A Reddit user has poked major holes in flat-Earther ‘logic’ with a clever – and easy-to-replicate – experiment deploying a digital camera with a macro lens, plenty of light… and a basketball. Posted on Reddit by user Useless Pickles as ‘Proof that a basketball is flat’, the detailed experiment depicts the object as flat-surfaced and not the round ball we ...

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War games: Liberals slam Trump for using ‘language of the enemy’

President Donald Trump’s pledge to end “war games” in South Korea came as a surprise to commentators, and was viewed by many as a weighty concession to Kim Jong-un. To Twitter liberals however, the issue was a semantic one. Trump spun the concession as a money-saving decision, as well as a goodwill gesture to Kim.   “We will be stopping ...

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‘Ridiculous & absurd political censorship’: Opposition critics slam Macron’s anti-fake news law

Opposition and critics have lambasted President Macron’s anti-fake news draft law for violating free speech and targeting alternative media. France’s lower house of parliament began discussing the controversial legislation. The draft was proposed by Emmanuel Macron himself after he claimed he was the victim of a barrage of fake news stories during the 2017 presidential election, including allegations that he ...

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‘Locking up foreigners’: Human rights activists slam new immigration bill in France

After more than 60 hours of heated debate, France’s National Assembly has adopted a controversial immigration bill that speeds up the asylum process and steps up deportations, all aimed at controlling illegal immigration. The new legislation, approved by 228 votes in favor to 139 against, was adopted on first reading late on Sunday and is on its way to the ...

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Robot rights a major threat to humans – AI experts slam EU plan

A group of 150 robotics experts are hoping to short circuit any plans the European Union might have to give machines legal status, suggesting it could dilute human rights. In an open letter, scores of researchers in the field of science and ethics have put their weight behind opposing a European Parliament report, which recommends sophisticated robots be given an ...

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‘Cynical and illegal’: Journalists, activists slam US-led missile strike against Syria

The US-led missile attack against Syria demonstrates Washington’s complete disregard for international law, and its timing, before a proper investigation was conducted, raises serious questions, experts told RT. Describing Saturday morning’s missile attack as illegal, Joe Lauria, an independent journalist and former Wall Street Journal correspondent, told RT that the strike was shocking – but not surprising. “They did not ...

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Virginia Republicans slam gun-control hoaxers who used photo of children’s shoes at Auschwitz

Republican politicians in Virginia Beach scrambled to assure their Facebook followers that a post by an impostor group comparing anti-gun “walkout” protesters to the Nazis was in fact a hoax. A Facebook page claiming to belong to the Republican Party of Virginia Beach published a post on Sunday – riddled with spelling mistakes and accompanied by a photo of children’s ...

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Britain's Trump? Twitterati slam ‘undemocratic’ Rees-Mogg Brexit tirade

Jacob Rees-Mogg has been bashed by tweeters describing him as a “Trump-like” politician as he launched a tirade on the government over its leaked Brexit transition strategy. Rees-Mogg branded it a “perversion of democracy.” The comparison with the US President follows news of the Tory MP meeting Donald Trump’s former adviser Steve Bannon. The London meeting took place two months ...

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Derogatory & demeaning: HRW slam Duterte’s ‘shoot female rebels in the vagina’ remark

President Rodrigo Duterte violated international humanitarian law when he ordered soldiers to shoot female communist fighters in the vagina, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said. “President Rodrigo Duterte’s remark is just the latest in a series of misogynist, derogatory and demeaning statements he has made about women,” Carlos Conde of HRW’s Asia Division said in a statement on Monday. “It encourages ...

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