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‘Skyrocketing’ US STDs: Cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea & syphilis reach record levels

Health officials have issued stark warnings as data reveals that sexually transmitted infections are soaring in the US. A report has found that cases of syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea have spiked for the fourth year in a row. In preliminary data showing sexually transmitted disease trends over the last five years, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that ...

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Are Tesla investors losing touch with reality? Elon Musk apology enough to send stock skyrocketing

Financial results are what normally concern investors. But not when it comes to Tesla. Despite record losses, a mere apology from CEO Elon Musk is enough for its stock to appreciate by $ 5 billion. “I would like to apologize for being impolite on the prior call. Honestly, I think there is really no excuse for bad manners. I was ...

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Bitcoin’s skyrocketing growth was ‘fraud and manipulation’ – report

The record growth in bitcoin last year was actually a coordinated market manipulation, according to recent research by University of Texas Finance Professor John Griffin. Read more Griffin, who has 10 years of experience in detecting financial fraud, examined millions of transactions on cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex. In his paper, Griffin says that the US dollar-pegged cryptocurrency tether was used to ...

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Keiser Report on ‘Scamville’ USA where consumer debt is skyrocketing

Published time: 1 Jun, 2018 13:55 In the US, some 26 percent of people’s annual income goes to servicing non-mortgage debts. That’s up from 22 percent from 2010 and higher than during the mid-2000s. Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert of RT’s Keiser Report discuss how average Americans, who are not Warren Buffett or Jamie Dimon, are dealing with consumer debt ...

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Skyrocketing US debt can’t be supported by dollar printing forever, crisis may be coming – analyst

Living with ever-growing debt, which has passed $ 21 trillion, has become a trademark of the US economy. RT asked an analyst how long this can continue without serious problems for the world’s largest economy. US Treasuries and US foreign debt have long been supported by the dollar-printing machine, and this support may be ending, according to TeleTradeBel analyst Mikhail ...

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Tesla reports skyrocketing losses as Musk shares ‘last pic’ of his roadster en route to Mars

Tesla reported a record $ 675 million loss in the fourth quarter of 2017, a day after company founder Elon Musk performed an eccentric PR stunt, launching his personal roadster into space aboard a SpaceX rocket. While Musk was sharing the final picture of “Starman in Roadster enroute to Mars orbit and then the Asteroid Belt,” back on Earth, Tesla ...

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May govt slammed over skyrocketing homelessness in Britain

Theresa May’s approach to Britain’s homelessness crisis has been labeled an “abject failure.” The Conservative Party is being slammed after an explosive report revealed more than 120,000 children have no place to call home. The Public Accounts Committee report found the number of people sleeping rough has jumped a staggering 134 percent since 2011.  “The Department for Communities and Local ...

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Twitter shares are skyrocketing after it says it might finally make money soon

It’s been quite a day for Twitter and the West Coast is barely past breakfast. Besides a surprise earnings beat and the decision to ban Russian media firms RT and Sputnik from its advertising platform, the day is also notable for Twitter’s share price jumping 15 percent in early trading on news it could be profitable before the end of ...

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Migrarion takes toll on German economy as Merkel faces skyrocketing £26billion bill

Angela Merkel faces a whopping £26billion spending bill to cover the costs of refugee care – with around £3billion needed this year alone. This comes despite Mrs Merkel’s insistence that letting in more than a million refugees would serve long-term potential economic benefits to Germany. However, the German government now faces investing £3billion of taxpayers money now – and as ...

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