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Russian society divided over ‘Death of Stalin’ film ban, poll shows

The people of Russia seem ambivalent about the recent banning of the dark British comedy “The Death of Stalin,” with about a third of respondents supporting the move, about another third opposing and the rest having no opinion. According to the results of a research conducted by the state-run All-Russian Center for Public Opinion Research (VTSIOM), 35 percent of Russians ...

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Opioid prescriptions on the rise in England, new study shows

The prescription of highly addictive opioids by GPs in England is steadily rising, especially in deprived areas, a new study shows. The rise comes despite the drugs being potentially dangerous and the ongoing US opioid crisis. Published in the British Journal Of General Practice, the research found an increase in long-term opioid prescriptions by doctors “despite poor efficacy for non-cancer ...

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Uranium One scandal shows Washington still blames Russia for everything

An FBI informant testified before Congress about alleged Russian collusion with the Clintons to gain influence with the Obama White House. As expected, the Uranium One scandal has become the latest hot button issue on the Hill. The informant, Douglas Campbell, told three separate congressional committees via written statements that Moscow had routed millions of dollars to the US with ...

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Shocking footage shows alleged Libyan children mimicking ISIS-style execution (VIDEO)

A video has emerged apparently showing Libyan children enacting a mass execution, resembling those carried out by Islamic State, with one child shooting kneeling “prisoners” in the head with a toy gun. The disturbing footage is said to have been filmed in the city of Benghazi, with an RT Arabic team confirming the children are speaking with a Libyan accent. ...

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US nuclear buildup shows new arms race has already begun – German FM

World safety requires more disarmament initiatives, not more nukes, says German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, accusing the new US Nuclear Posture Review of endangering Europe. “The decision by the US government in favor of new tactical nuclear weapons shows that the spiral of a new nuclear arms race is already under way,” Gabriel said in a statement, noting that “like ...

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VIDEO shows precision strike on militants that downed Russian jet in Syria

The Russian Ministry of Defense has released footage of a precision strike targeting terrorists in Idlib, north-west Syria, in retaliation for the earlier downing of an Su-25 jet and the killing of its pilot. The night-vision footage shows missiles hitting ground targets which are destroyed in a series of fiery blasts. At least 30 terrorists are believed to have been ...

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Nunes: Democrats ‘not honest actors,’ memo shows FBI/DOJ ‘have work to do’

Senior officials at the Department of Justice and the FBI need to address abuses listed in the explosive GOP memo, said House Intelligence Committee chair Devin Nunes. He dismissed criticism from Democrats as dishonest. Declassified by President Donald Trump and published by the committee Friday over strong objections by Democrats, the DOJ and the FBI, the memo lays out the ...

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Official Olympic website shows pictures of Russian athletes in uniform with national flags

Russian athletes competing as neutral participants at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics have been featured on the Games’ website alongside images of the national flag, despite a ban imposed by the International Olympic Committee. On December 5, the IOC’s Executive Board voted in favor of excluding Russia from the upcoming PyeongChang Olympics as the result of an investigation into the country’s ...

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Amazon’s Treasure Truck shows up at Whole Foods with a cheaper Instant Pot, grocery coupons

Amazon Treasure Truck, the retailer’s deals-on-wheels program that is literally a truck driving around with discounted products you can buy online and pickup in person, will now be popping up at Whole Foods. The companies announced today that Treasure Truck will start coming to Whole Foods stores with new offers, starting with today’s deal on the popular kitchen item, Instant ...

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Trans attacks: Shock report shows sex change adults abused in Britain

Transgender men and women are being attacked in workplaces across Britain by co-workers and customers, according to a staggering new report. Read more One in eight trans people have been physically assaulted on the basis of their chosen identity, it is being claimed, backing up court rulings that the UK has become increasingly hostile for the trans community. Recently, a ...

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