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Satellite pics show Syria strike as IAF chief goes to Moscow to explain Il-20 incident

Timely released satellite images have revealed the destruction left by IDF air strikes in Syria’s Latakia after Israel was forced to make a rare admission to the raid which resulted in the downing of the Russian Il-20 recon plane. On Wednesday, Israeli satellite imaging company ImageSat released three photos of an “ammunition warehouse” in Latakia, showing it before and after ...

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US can spy on journalists domestically using FISA warrants, declassified guidelines show

Newly declassified Department of Justice memos show guidelines for the US government spying on journalists and their sources using FISA warrants – the same method used to spy on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. Two documents reveal the rules the FBI would have to follow in obtaining warrants to spy on reporters under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act  (FISA), implicitly ...

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Pompeo says Saudi coalition exercising caution in Yemen – facts show that’s not true

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has told Congress that the governments of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are doing enough to protect civilians in their campaign in Yemen. The facts however, tell a different story. Pompeo said in a certification statement Wednesday that ending the three-year conflict is a national security priority for President Donald Trump, and ...

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Back in the USSR: Prim Soviets had show exactly like new swimsuit-free Miss America (PHOTOS)

In the age of #MeToo, Miss America has dropped the swimsuit round, and now calls itself a competition, not a pageant. The new format resembles a popular Soviet show, ironically created as a chaste answer to Western decadence. After “ushering a new era of progressiveness” this year following a sexism scandal, the 97-year-old Miss America contest, which started out as ...

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‘Flying infirmary’: VIDEOS show confusion inside quarantined Emirates plane at JFK

Videos from inside an Emirates plane grounded and quarantined at JFK airport show confusion among the passengers. The plane was quarantined after some passengers reportedly fell ill during a flight from Dubai. Emirates Flight 203 landed Wednesday morning, after the pilot noticed passengers coughing and exhibiting symptoms of fever. The plane has since been parked in a staging area at ...

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Clinton-Yeltsin papers show 1990s 'equal partnership' for what it really was

Almost 600 pages of transcripts from meetings and phone calls between US President Bill Clinton and Russian President Boris Yeltsin paint a picture of a time when the West liked Russia because Moscow did what it was told. “You have guided your country through a historic time and you are leaving a legacy that will leave Russians better off for ...

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‘Social Distortion’ punk band frontman attacks Trump supporter during live show (VIDEO)

Dramatic video footage has captured the moment the lead singer of the punk rock band ‘Social Distortion’ allegedly attacked a supporter of US President Donald Trump during a live performance. Local man Tim Hildebrand says the violent confrontation took place after frontman Mike Ness started bad-mouthing Trump at a concert in the Ace of Spades music venue in Sacramento, California. ...

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Five examples that show internet censorship is as much a threat to the left as the right

The banning of right wing controversialist Alex Jones from multiple social media platforms last week was a cause of celebration for many liberals, but should those on the left really be so complacent about creeping censorship? So far, the evidence suggest that there is indeed plenty for the left to worry about when it comes to corporations like Facebook and ...

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Apple orders a show about a video game studio from the ‘It’s Always Sunny’ gang

Apple’s been on a tear lately. Say what you will about some of the company’s programming decisions (see: Carpool Karaoke), at least it’s building a portfolio that’s got a little something for everyone. Earlier this week, word got out that it ordered a series based on Min Jin Lee’s novel, Pachinko. And according to a report in Variety, it’s also ...

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100,000 rounds of ammo & several rifles stolen at US gun show

At least five firearms and 100,000 rounds of ammunition have been stolen from gun vendors during a gun show in South Carolina. Local and federal law enforcement agencies are continuing their investigation into the heist. Lexington County Sheriff’s Department officers responded to theft reports from several vendors who were taking part in a gun show just outside of Columbia, South ...

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