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Shocking resemblance: Crimea massacre closely fits Columbine pattern

Was the Kerch college attacker inspired by the infamous Columbine massacre in the US? That is for the investigators to find out, but his actions look shockingly similar to those of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold back in 1999. Just like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the Columbine attackers, the Kerch suspect identified as Vladislav Roslyakov was a senior student ...

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Brutal beating of elderly Orthodox Jew in Brooklyn captured on CCTV (SHOCKING VIDEO)

A shocking video has emerged of an elderly Jewish man getting pummeled by an attacker in the middle of a pedestrian crossing in Brooklyn, New York. The assailant knocked down the 62-year-old man before striking him multiple times. The violent attack took place around 7.30am Sunday morning as the elderly man, clad in traditional black Jewish clothing, was heading towards ...

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Tad Low? Democrats send in another ‘shocking’ Kavanaugh accusation, GOP having none of it

Senate Democrats have submitted another allegation about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, citing a man who said he witnessed a salacious party at his Yale fraternity, as the FBI continues investigating the judge. Senator Chris Coons (D-Delaware) forwarded a letter from Tad Low, who says he was an undergraduate student at Yale in 1987-88, and was present at a “shocking ...

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Candy crash: Bizarre motorist duel ends in shocking truck flip collision (VIDEO)

A dramatic crash which saw a trailer full of candy overturn on a busy New Jersey freeway is being blamed on road rage, after two motorists became angered at one another’s driving and took matters into their own hands. Mahwah Police Department has released dashcam footage of the moment a truck slammed into the central median of Route 17, New ...

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Hawaii’s Hurricane Lane flooding laid bare in shocking drone VIDEO

Striking new drone footage captured from above the Hawaiian town of Hilo shows the scale of devastating flooding after Hurricane Lane tore through the Pacific Islands on Friday. Thousands were left without power after torrential downpour dumped 35 inches of rain across Big Island in just 48 hours. Video filmed from the air above the coastal town of Hilo shows ...

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Baltimore police repeatedly punch man in the head in shocking VIDEO

Shocking footage of a Baltimore City police officer repeatedly punching a man in the head has whipped up outrage and resulted in the officer being swiftly suspended. The punch up took place on Monument Street in east Baltimore on Saturday and video of the incident was shared on Instagram. It shows officer Arthur Williams and a man, Dashawn McGrier, shouting ...

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Ramming attack on foreign cyclists in Tajikistan may be terrorist act as shocking VIDEO released

A terrorist attack is being considered as a possible motive behind the deadly ramming of foreign cyclists in Tajikistan, police have said. A gruesome video of Sunday’s incident appears to confirm it was intentional. “We are looking into all versions – accident, robbery… including a terrorist act,” Tajik Interior Minister Ramazon Rakhimzoda said during a briefing on the investigation of ...

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Florida cops won’t charge man in shocking parking lot shooting over state’s ‘stand your ground’ law

A Florida man who shot and killed another man in front of his children during an argument over a handicapped parking space will not face charges after the sheriff said the incident falls under the state’s “stand your ground” law. Michael Drejka, 47, escaped a murder charge after shooting father-of-three Markeis McGlockton, 28, in the chest following a row outside ...

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Passenger dragged by moving train in shocking CCTV footage (VIDEO)

CCTV cameras caught the horrifying moment a passenger was dragged along a platform in India by a train that threatened to pull him under its wheels. The young man was attempting to board a train at Panvel Station in Mumbai on Saturday, when he became stuck between the train’s closing doors, according to the Times of India. The railway station’s ...

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‘Police brutality first hand’: Shocking Austin arrest video sparks internal review (VIDEO)

Startling video footage of an Austin police officer repeatedly punching a restrained man has prompted an internal probe. The footage was captured outside Rain nightclub in downtown Austin, Texas on Wednesday by bystander Patrick King, who posted it online expressing his rage at the “beating”. The video shows the man, who is on the ground, being punched at least five ...

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