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‘Once in a blue dune’: NASA shares striking image of Martian crater

NASA has shared a stunning image of a field of finely-marked turquoise sand dunes smeared across the floor of a Martian crater. The eye-catching snap, captured by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, shows an accumulation of ‘barchan’ (or crescent-shaped) sand dunes on the Lyot Crater –a large crater in the Vastitas Borealis region of the Red Planet. Just to the south ...

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Soros buys up shares in New York Times

Billionaire liberal financier and political meddler George Soros has purchased $ 3 million-worth of stock holdings in the publisher of the New York Times, the investor’s first such purchase in over a decade. Soros bought 126,400 shares in the New York Times Company through Soros Fund Management LLC, his investing firm. According to a filing to the US Securities and ...

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Royal Wedding from new angle: #Romanovs100 shares rare historical photo of Queen Victoria & family

As part of RT’s history photo puzzle, #Romanovs100 released a different angle of a famous photo of Queen Victoria and her descendants. Artist Marina Amaral colorized the photo, breathing new life into an otherwise familiar image. This photo illustrates just how tight-knit the European royal relations were: Nicholas, the future Emperor of Russia, is standing beside his wife-to-be, Alix of ...

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'En ligne avec Poutine!': Macron shares video of phone call with Russian leader about Iran

Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron have agreed that the Iranian nuclear deal must endure in a phone call on Monday, with the French president later posting a video of him talking to his Russian counterpart on Twitter. “I have been speaking to Vladimir Putin to once again assess the situation,” Macron told his followers, adding that Iran must be prevented ...

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April Fool? Tesla shares drop in pre-trading after Elon Musk’s joke about bankruptcy

Elon Musk’s joke about Tesla’s bankruptcy on April Fool’s Day appears to be coming to fruition. March was the worst month for the company in seven years, as Tesla’s shares plunged 22 percent in 31 days. Tesla Goes BankruptPalo Alto, California, April 1, 2018 — Despite intense efforts to raise money, including a last-ditch mass sale of Easter Eggs, we ...

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‘Ghost in motion’: NASA shares animation of Jupiter storm caught by Juno probe

NASA has released an animation showing the movement of a storm on Jupiter, compiled with several true-color images that were captured by the Juno spacecraft back in December. The pictures used in the time-lapse animation were taken 12 minutes apart and present a unique animation of a storm moving in the southern hemisphere of the fifth planet from the Sun. ...

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Facebook shares fall 5% on report of ‘systemic problems’ in data breach

Shares of Facebook fell by almost 5 percent on Monday following research claiming the recent data breach that exposed 50 million people is a systemic problem for the social network. Read more It was “made clear in the reporting is that Facebook did not make sufficient efforts to recover users’ data, which then informed ad targeting in the 2016 US ...

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Stephen Hawking tribute: RT shares awe-inspiring view of Earth from ISS (360 Video)

In tribute to legendary physicist Stephen Hawking RT 360 takes you on a journey around the Earth to view our planet. It’s a perspective seen only by astronauts and cosmonauts on board the International Space Station. The captivating timelapse footage shows Earth from dawn to dusk, giving the space station’s unique vantage point of a day on our planet. “We ...

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Ice-cold water feels like no water: Young woman shares her all-weather swim (VIDEO)

A young woman from Kazakhstan made a video extolling the virtues of her daily exercise routine, involving a dip in the ice-cold Caspian Sea. The video has since gone viral. Zarina Andryushina, a resident of Aktau on the eastern coast of the sea, had to break through ice covering the surface to get her daily plunge on January 30. After ...

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Tesla reports skyrocketing losses as Musk shares ‘last pic’ of his roadster en route to Mars

Tesla reported a record $ 675 million loss in the fourth quarter of 2017, a day after company founder Elon Musk performed an eccentric PR stunt, launching his personal roadster into space aboard a SpaceX rocket. While Musk was sharing the final picture of “Starman in Roadster enroute to Mars orbit and then the Asteroid Belt,” back on Earth, Tesla ...

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