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Twitter ‘shadow bans’ undesirable voices, censors free speech – Project Veritas exec to RT

Undercover footage of Twitter staff appearing to admit to silencing conservatives shows the social media platform is not the open public forum it presents itself to be, Project Veritas executive director Russell Verney tells RT. “We’re giving away an awful lot to these companies, but when they come out and publicly say they want to be the public forum for ...

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When will Britain stand up to Trump, asks Shadow Foreign Secretary in wake of US Jerusalem move

Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry has called on the May government to officially recognize United States president Donald Trump as a ‘bully’ who threatens world peace. “Donald Trump is not crying fire in a crowded theater, he is deliberately setting fire to the theater,” Emily Thornberry told the British Parliament on Thursday, in an urgent question to the UK’s Foreign ...

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Obama Deep State 'TAKING DOWN DONALD TRUMP' – TV host says shadow government plotting COUP

Rush Limbaugh, who is the record-breaking US talk show host, claimed intelligence services are actively plotting a coup to topple the US president.  The most popular disc jockey blamed “embeds” from former President Barack Obama and his ally Hillary Clinton for the recent Russia-Trump leaks. The nefariously-named ‘deep state’ is a conspiratorial term for a permanent bureaucracy, such as those ...

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