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‘Unacceptable & disruptive’: Israel seeks talks as Jordan demands its farmland back after 25yr lease

Jordan has announced its intention to reclaim full sovereignty over farmland leased to Israel as part of the 1994 peace treaty. Calling such a change “unacceptable” after so many years, Israel has vowed to renegotiate the deal. “We are practicing our full sovereignty on our land,” King Abdullah II said Sunday, announcing the Kingdom’s intention to opt out of parts ...

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Armenian Prime Minister resigns, seeks early parliamentary elections

Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has resigned in order to pave the way to early elections or, as he put it, to “complete the revolution,” that led him to power after protests this spring. Read more “The goal of my resignation is to complete the revolution, through holding early elections and returning the power to the people,” Pashinyan said in ...

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Bioweapon insects? DARPA seeks to ‘defend crops’ by spreading genetically modified viruses

A US military program dubbed ‘Insect Allies’ could be used as a biological weapon, a group of European scientists warns. The Pentagon’s research arm claims they are intended to defend crops, but doesn’t deny ‘dual-use’ potential. Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology and the University of Freiburg in Germany, as well as the University of Montpelier, France, ...

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New York Times seeks evidence Russian hackers are fighting for internet freedom in US

The New York Times is seeking evidence of Russian interference during a debate on placing restrictions on the internet in the US. It’s alleged a public commenting system was invaded by hackers. The idea of the commenting system is for the public to have a say on proposed law changes, or at least get the feeling that they’re involved. There’s ...

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‘Situation under control’… or not? Libya seeks UN intervention as battles in Tripoli leave 110+ dead

At least 115 people have been killed and 383 others injured during a month of fighting between rival militant groups in Tripoli. The fractured country’s UN-backed government has urged the Security Council to intervene. “The death toll could surge because of the critical condition of the injured and the continuing fighting,” Libya’s health ministry spokesman Wedad Abo Al-Niran told Reuters. ...

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‘Racially profiled & humiliated’: Black candidate busted for dealing politics seeks apology

An African-American nominee for the Wisconsin State Assembly told RT that she felt hurt and humiliated after being racially profiled and reported to cops as she was canvassing her electorate in a predominantly white neighborhood. Ahead of the Democratic primary for a state Assembly seat in Wisconsin’s 77th District, Shelia Stubbs was knocking on doors in her neighborhood trying to ...

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Trump’s new cyber strategy seeks global dominion over internet

Setting the global standard for online behavior, preserving American dominance, political and economic interests, punishing ‘malicious actors’ like Russia and China: these are the ambitious goals of the new US cyber-strategy. The White House published the 40-page document on Thursday afternoon, the first comprehensive cyber strategy in 15 years. The strategy’s core assumption is that the US created the internet ...

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Centrist lawmaker seeks total prohibition in Russia to bring alcohol producers to heel

A Russian MP, known for his staunch pro-Christian views, has proposed a nationwide ban on alcohol sales and the launch of radical reforms of the industry in order to reduce the consumption of alcohol. In his letter to Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova, MP Vitaly Milonov (United Russia) said that Russia’s future was going to “drown in tons of poisonous ...

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Russian Human Rights ombudsman seeks Trump’s pardon for jailed pilot Yaroshenko

Russian ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova has addressed US President Donald Trump in a letter asking him to pardon Russian citizen Konstantin Yaroshenko, who is serving a 20-year sentence as a result of a DEA sting operation. Moskalkova personally announced the move at the Thursday meeting with students and professors of the Kaluga University. The ombudsman added that she had already received ...

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New home in Russia: White South African farmer seeks safety as land seizure looms (VIDEO)

As South Africa mulls a constitutional amendment that would allow the expropriation of land from white farmers, one such man is seeking Russian citizenship and a new start far from his African birthplace. RT caught up with Johannes Du Toit and his father Leon Francois during their visit to Russia’s Kaluga region, located around three hours by car from Moscow. ...

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