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Health Ministry seeks restrictions on Aids denial in Russia

The Russian Health Ministry has prepared a bill introducing fines for any public promotion of HIV/Aids denial and the blocking of websites that spread such reports. The text of the draft was published on the special website for public discussion of new legislative initiatives on Monday. Explanations attached with the document read that it was developed as part of the ...

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Russian Embassy in UK seeks meeting with Boris Johnson, says it’s ‘high time’ to talk Skripal case

The Russian Embassy in London has requested a meeting with UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, saying that discussing the Skripal case and other issues regarding Russia-UK relations is long overdue. With the saga of the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter unfolding and London not backing down on claims of Moscow’s guilt, the embassy bemoaned the level of communication ...

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Democracy is being degraded as US seeks global hegemony using any means – Russia on Trump sanctions

US democracy is being degraded as Washington is using all means to maintain its global hegemony, even those measures that harm the American people, Moscow has said, reacting to the new round of anti-Russian sanctions. “The American democracy is clearly being degraded. [Its only] desire is to ensure by all means that US global hegemony remains, including pressuring countries that ...

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Russian internet watchdog seeks block on Telegram messenger over refusal to give up encryption keys

Russia’s internet watchdog has requested that the Telegram internet messenger service be blocked, after it failed to hand over encryption keys to special services before the given deadline. The press statement released by Roskomnadzor on Friday reads that the agency has addressed a district court in Moscow with a demand “to limit the access to all resources belonging to the ...

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Manafort seeks dismissal of charges ‘not related to Russia probe’

Former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s lawyer has pressed a judge to throw out five charges brought by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. He says they are not related to the investigation into alleged Russian meddling. Manafort’s lawyer filed papers at a federal court on Wednesday accusing Mueller of cashing a “blank check” on his remit to prosecute any criminal ...

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Le Pen seeks party rebranding into ‘National Rally’ to better appeal to French voters

France’s National Front party is planning a makeover, to counter public misconceptions about it. The move, leader Marine Le Pen hopes, will ensure the nationalist faction a firm position in power for decades to come. The leader of the National Front, Marine le Pen, formally proposed changing the name of the party to ‘National Rally’ on Sunday, in a speech ...

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Israeli airline seeks UN help in bid to fly over forbidden Saudi airspace

Israeli airline El Al has sent a letter to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), asking the UN body to influence Riyadh to allow it to reroute flights between Tel Aviv and India through Saudi airspace. On Wednesday, Air India announced that it has been granted permission to use Saudi Arabian airspace for direct flights from Delhi to Tel Aviv, ...

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‘I have 2 wives’: Duterte jokingly seeks raise in salary

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte thinks he should be paid more. The Philippines leader argues that, because he has two wives, he should receive more money. Speaking at Camp General Adriano Hernandez in Iloilo on Thursday, Duterte said his salary wasn’t enough, and that it doesn’t include a food allowance, the Philippine Inquirer reports. “I get so tired and you know ...

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Shutting Russia out? EU seeks to incorporate Balkans starting with Serbia & Montenegro by 2025

The European Commission says it wants to speed up the process of inclusion of six Balkan countries as members of the European Union. Critics say the move is also aimed at weakening Russia’s influence in the region. “The merit-based prospect of EU membership for the Western Balkans is in the Union’s own political, security and economic interest, it is a ...

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Child ‘soaking in his underwear’ seeks help in storm before disappearing, sparking police search

Police are investigating a bizarre case in Kent after residents called officers to say a half-dressed child was running around in the pouring rain pleading with strangers for help, before fleeing into the night. Concerned adults rushed to seek assistance on Tuesday night after the boy, thought to be aged around 12, banged on doors for help. Despite rain and ...

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