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Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has passed away – United Nations

Published time: 18 Aug, 2018 09:40 Edited time: 18 Aug, 2018 09:55 Kofi Annan passed away from a “short illness” on Saturday, his family and the Kofi Annan Foundation announced in a statement. Annan, a former diplomat from Ghana, led the United Nations from 1997 to 2006. In 2001, Annan and the UN were co-recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize. ...

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US defense secretary considers first talks in years with Russian counterpart

Published time: 27 Jul, 2018 15:42 Edited time: 27 Jul, 2018 15:55 US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has said he is looking into the possibility of holding the first talks in years with his Russian counterpart Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu. “I am considering meeting with my counterpart, but there’s been no decision,” Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon, as quoted ...

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US lawmakers defy defense secretary, greenlight delay in F-35 sales to Turkey

The US Congress moved closer to an outright ban on sales of F-35 jets to its NATO ally, Turkey for its decision to buy Russian S-400s. Lawmakers have now OK’d a delay to the delivery, despite warnings from the defense secretary. Defense Secretary James Mattis must submit a report to congress assessing Turkey’s part in the F-35 program, Senators Thom ...

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'Unstable Iran good for peace': Former Bush press secretary backs 'regime change'

Ari Fleischer, who promoted the Iraq War while serving as press secretary under President George W. Bush, is back with more sweeping ideas on how to reach peace. This time in Iran. His suggestion: to destabilize the nation. “Fascinating changes underway inside of Iran, no one can predict where they’re going to go,” Fleischer told Fox News on Monday, speaking ...

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‘Every country does it’: Ex-US under secretary of state backs propaganda use (VIDEO)

Richard Stengel, once the fourth-ranking official in the US State Department and a former editor at Time, has seemingly backed the use of government propaganda against citizens during a discussion about ‘fake news.’ The former US under secretary of state in the Obama administration, who was also the managing editor of Time magazine from 2006 to 2013, has made a ...

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‘Tough crowd’: Kids ask White House press secretary to justify Syria airstrikes (VIDEO)

Budding reporters, aged from four to 13, took part in a mock White House briefing as part of Thursday’s ‘Take your child to work day’ and showed they were not afraid to get stuck in at a press briefing. One little girl tackled press secretary Sarah Sanders directly on Trump’s decision to launch airstrikes on Syria. She asked: “Why did ...

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Senate confirms Pompeo’s appointment as state secretary

The US Senate has confirmed the nomination of former CIA chief Mike Pompeo for the office of the secretary of state. His candidacy was given the green light by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Monday. Read more Senators voted 57-42 in favor of the candidacy, narrowly overcoming the Democratic resistance to Pompeo. Critics were concerned that his hawkish attitudes ...

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Pro-regime change Pompeo: Trump’s pick for secretary of state is an outspoken hawk

Mike Pompeo is expected to face a tough confirmation hearing on Thursday – but more dangerous hurdles await him as secretary of state. With tensions mounting in the Middle East, what kind of diplomat would Pompeo be? Read more The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee will hold a hearing to consider Pompeo’s nomination as secretary of state on April 12. ...

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Trump’s pick for State Secretary Pompeo says no more soft policy toward Russia

CIA director Mike Pompeo, who was picked by President Donald Trump to lead US foreign policy, has declared that the days of what he called a “soft policy” toward Russia are over. At the same time, he said dialogue must continue. “Russia continues to act aggressively, enabled by years of soft policy toward that aggression. That’s now over. The list ...

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'Fishwife’s rhetoric' reveals 'intellectual impotence' of UK Defense Secretary – Russian MoD

By telling Russia to “shut up,” UK Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson has revealed his “extreme intellectual impotence” and underlined the vanity of British accusations against Moscow, Russia’s Defense Ministry said. “Fishwife’s rhetoric demonstrated today by the head of the British Defense Ministry Gavin Williamson, perfectly characterizes an extreme degree of his intellectual impotence,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement. ...

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