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State Duma urges swift blocking of online calls for school violence

Online calls for violence in Russian schools should be swiftly blocked, a top Russian MP said, commenting on recent stabbing attacks in Perm and Ulan-Ude. The existing laws provide sufficient tools to fulfill this task, he added. “All the means to block [social media] groups, which contain calls for violence in schools are in the possession of [Russian internet watchdog] ...

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Video shows police arresting teen behind ax & arson havoc in Russian school

A video has emerged showing the alleged arrest of a teen who stormed a school in the Siberian city of Ulan-Ude, and used a Molotov cocktail to set the building on fire. The attacker tried to commit suicide after the assault. READ MORE: Ax & arson havoc at Russian school: Teen injures 6, starts blaze The footage shows the alleged ...

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Teen attacks Siberian school with axe & petrol bomb, causing injuries & fire – reports

A senior student armed with an an axe stormed a school in the Siberian city of Ulan-Ude and used a “Molotov cocktail” to set the building on fire, local media report. Initial reports said a ninth-grader stormed the school with an axe and attacked a teacher and at least three students. He chopped off another student’s finger, according to some ...

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School bans hijabs & fasting as chairman begins ‘crusade’ against Islamification of kids (VIDEO)

A decision by one of Britain’s top primary schools to ban girls aged under eight from wearing hijabs and religious fasting has divided Muslim parents at the school. St Stephen’s primary school in Newham, East London has banned pupils from fasting on school days during Ramadan for the sake of their health and safety. Chairman of the school Arif Qawi ...

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‘They took out knives & stabbed the teacher’: Witnesses recall horrifying Perm school rampage

Fourth graders at a school in central Russia have described their horror after two masked teenagers armed with knives stormed into their classroom and stabbed the teacher before attacking students. “It was the third class. We had arts and crafts, when suddenly two big guys came in,” said one fourth grader at school number 127, recalling the events for Komsomolskaya ...

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8 students and teacher injured as 2 masked men attack school in Russia – authorities

At least eight students and a teacher have received stab wounds, as two assailants wearing masks attacked a school in Perm, Russia, local authorities say. The incident occurred at school number 127 at 10:19am local time (8:19am Moscow time) when students returned to school after the Christmas holidays. The assailants, who attacked the Perm school students with knives, have been ...

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Defiant Indian father carves 8km through mountains to get his 3 sons to school

Published time: 11 Jan, 2018 12:16 An Indian father, who didn’t want to abandon his isolated village like the rest of the locals, cut through 8km of hillocks by hand instead. The road enabled his three sons to safely travel to school in a nearby town. Jalandhar Nayak’s family is the last one remaining in the village of Gumsahi in ...

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Teacher handcuffed by police for criticizing pay rise at school meeting (VIDEO)

Published time: 10 Jan, 2018 12:24 A Louisiana teacher was arrested on Monday after voicing opposition to a superintendent’s wage increase at a meeting of the school board, in an incident caught on camera. Deyshia Hargrave was handcuffed and removed from the meeting before being brought to the local police station. Hargrave, an English language teacher at the Rene A. ...

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Top female-only state school ditches the word ‘girl’ in fear that it might offend trans students

One of Britain’s top-performing state schools has left parents stunned after ditching the world ‘girl’ from its staff’s accepted vocabulary, fearing that they may misgender any trans students. Altrincham Grammar School for Girls in Manchester is now likely to address pupils as “students” instead of gendered nouns, shocking parents when they informed them that staff will now use “gender-neutral language” ...

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US Army’s school shooting simulator lets you play gunman (VIDEO)

Published time: 6 Jan, 2018 14:26 A US Army war simulation game, adapted to prepare teachers for school shootings, will also allow participants to play the part of the gunman in a mock ‘active shooter’ situation. There are three playable roles in the video game-like simulation – teacher, shooter, and officer. Suspects can be both adults and children. The virtual ...

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