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‘Emergency system performed great’: Soyuz reliable despite scare – ex-cosmonaut to RT

The safe return of the ISS crew, who had to abort their launch, proves the reliability of the Soyuz system, a former cosmonaut told RT, joking that now just flight attendants and comfy seats are needed to improve the experience. Aleksandr Lazutkin, who traveled to the Soviet Union’s Mir space station, said that the rescue operation to retrieve Aleksey Ovchinin ...

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Scare tactics: Shrieks of horror as bat crashes Trump rally (VIDEO)

A winged creature of the night hilariously gatecrashed a rally for President Donald Trump as a bat stirred up chaos amongst the crowd. Police were even forced to swoop in to contain one of Count Dracula’s minions. With ‘Make America Great Again’ supporters turning out to see the president speak in Johnson City, Tennessee, the beginning of the event was ...

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Secret Service intercepts ‘suspicious’ envelope to Trump amid Pentagon ‘ricin parcels’ scare

Published time: 2 Oct, 2018 22:46 Edited time: 2 Oct, 2018 22:51 The US Secret Service has confirmed that a “suspicious” envelope was sent to the White House and addressed to President Donald Trump, following reports of two letters testing positive for ricin being intercepted at the Pentagon. “The envelope was not received at the White House, nor did it ...

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Australia's strawberry needle scare spreads to New Zealand

Australia’s fruit sabotage has spread to neighbouring New Zealand after a punnet of strawberries contaminated with needles was sold in an Auckland supermarket. Originating from a farm in Western Australia, this is the first time a contaminated punnet has surfaced in New Zealand after more than 100 alleged incidents of pins and needles being found in fruit such as strawberries, ...

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Australia’s fruit scare spinning out of control, spreads to mangos & bananas

Australia’s controversial fruit scandal has spread to mangos, after a customer found a needle embedded in the fruit after purchasing it at a supermarket. The customer claims to have bought the compromised mango at a Coles supermarket in New South Wales on Monday, and reported the disturbing find to local police when they noticed the item in it two days ...

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Pervasive… just a click away… not yet: US security chiefs fan Russia election-meddling scare

Russia and unnamed others are still seeking to influence US midterm elections through messaging and sowing division, heads of the ODNI, FBI, DHS, and NSA told reporters, pledging to protect democracy but offering no details. In a rare appearance before the White House press corps, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, FBI Director Christopher Wray, ...

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Active shooter scare turns out to be failed robbery in La Plaza Mall in south Texas

Published time: 28 Jul, 2018 18:08 Edited time: 28 Jul, 2018 18:52 Police have reported an active shooter situation at the Plaza Mall in McAllen in south Texas, saying that officers from several law enforcement agencies were heading to the site. Police said later in a tweet that it was an attempt to rob a jewelry store at the mall, and ...

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Russophobia digest part 2: This week’s top scare stories in the MSM

Hackers, spy balls and whitewashing space travel: It’s certainly been a varied week in the world of Russophobia. RT takes its regular look at the scare stories peppering the mainstream media over the last 7 days. Russophobia in space Russophobia went where no Russophobia has gone before this week. At an aerospace conference, moderator Todd Harrison pulled a question from ...

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Duped US lawmaker screams N-word, runs around butt-naked to scare off ‘terrorist’ Sacha Baron Cohen

Duped into thinking he was being trained to repel terrorists, a Georgian lawmaker ran around with a bare butt trying to threaten British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen with “becoming a homosexual” – all the while being filmed for TV. Rep. Jason Spencer (R-Woodbine) appeared on the controversial series ‘Who Is America?’ in which Cohen – of Borat fame – plays ...

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Mid-air scare: Fountain pen wielding passenger forces emergency landing

An Air China jet travelling from Changsha to Beijing was forced into an unscheduled landing when a passenger threatened crew members with a fountain pen. It’s not clear what sparked the mid-flight scare. However, online air traffic tracker Flight Radar 24 reveals the original path of the passenger jet was interrupted approximately half-way through Sunday’s journey to the Chinese capital. ...

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