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Convicts dupe US soldiers with nude photos in ‘sextortion’ scam

Countless inmates in multiple prisons across South Carolina have been posing as young women on dating apps to blackmail and extort US soldiers in a sexting scam that’s been running since 2015. US Army Criminal Investigation Command say soldiers were sent unsolicited nude photos of the ‘woman’ and then forced into paying money after getting angry messages from someone pretending ...

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Imposter ‘Saudi prince’ caught after eating pork during $50,000 scam

A con artist who defrauded his victims of millions of dollars while posing as a Saudi prince got caught after a Miami hotelier noticed the supposedly devout Muslim royal was eating pork during their meetings. Anthony Gignac, a Colombian-born scammer known for targeting super-rich real estate developers, worked under the alias ‘Sultan Bin Khalid Al-Saud’ as he finagled gifts worth ...

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Scammer arrested for scamming scammer who tried to scam her

A woman has been charged in New Hampshire, in the US for stealing a laptop from a hacker who was trying to scam people into picking up and shipping the illegally-purchased computer. According to Associated Press, citing police reports, 51-year-old Jennifer Wozmak answered an online “job” to ship the computer overseas. After picking up the laptop, she then, instead of ...

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Another day, another $50 million ICO exit scam

Savedroid, a German company that purportedly raised $ 50 million in ICO and direct funding, has exited with a bang. The site is currently displaying the above image and the founder — one Dr. Yassin Hankir — has posted a tweet thanking investors and saying “Over and out.” A reverse image search found Hankir’s photo on this page for Founder ...

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US bans use of Venezuela’s oil-backed cryptocurrency as a ‘scam supporting dictatorship’

A new war of words has broken out between Washington and Caracas after President Donald Trump banned the use of the oil-backed cryptocurrency launched by Venezuela in a bid to undermine the dominance of the petro-dollar. Trump signed an executive order late on Monday prohibiting trade in the Venezuelan government’s newly-launched Petro cryptocurrency in the US. The order bans “all ...

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Ukrainian cyber-thieves bagged $50mn in bitcoin phishing scam

Security analysts at the US technology corporation Cisco have exposed a bitcoin phishing scam, which involves web resources disguising themselves as one of the world’s most popular online wallets, Blockchain.info. Cisco has been investigating the case over the past six months in partnership with Ukrainian Cyber-police, according to the firm’s security experts Dave Maynor and Jeremiah O’Connor. Nearly $ 50 ...

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Vegetable-based cryptocurrency pulls exit scam, leaves ‘penis’ behind

A cryptocurrency startup, which promised to revolutionize the fruit and vegetable industry, has apparently pulled an exit scam, shutting down its website and leaving only the word “penis” to greet duped investors. Prodeum – an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) built on Ethereum – was exposed as a scam after all data was removed from its website, prodeum.io, except the word ...

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Hackers stealing customers’ Spotify details via WhatsApp scam

A WhatsApp phishing scheme designed to steal the details of Spotify accounts has been revealed in Spain. READ MORE: Spanish parents may spy on kids’ WhatsApp chats, court rules Spanish users of the messaging service reported receiving a WhatApp message purportedly containing a URL for a one-year free subscription to Spotify Premium, the ad-free version of the popular music streaming ...

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Bribery, bullion & bullying: Former EY employee sues company for Dubai gold scam cover up

A former employee of consultancy giant Ernst & Young (EY) is suing the company for his “unlawful, unprofessional and unethical” dismissal after he blew the whistle on an alleged bribery and money laundering scheme in Dubai. In a lawsuit filed in the high court in the UK, Amjad Rihan, a former partner at EY, claims that the company placed him ...

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‘Nigerian prince’ finally arrested: 67yo American behind 100s of scam emails

Published time: 30 Dec, 2017 15:28 The mastermind who claimed to be Nigerian royalty in order to conduct a well-known ‘phishing’ email scam has been arrested in Louisiana. Michael Neu, 67, was arrested this week following an 18-month investigation by Slidell Police Department’s Financial Crimes Division. He has been charged with 269 counts of wire fraud and money laundering and ...

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