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Elon Musk likes anime and says it's time to build a giant robot

Billionaire Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX fame has revealed another facet to his eccentric nature: he likes anime. Perhaps too much so, because he may be planning to build a giant anime robot. It began as an innocent tweet where Musk simply said he loves ‘Your Name’, a romantic fantasy drama anime with a plot that involves body-swapping teenagers. ...

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Asked about Mattis, Trump says ‘Everybody leaves at some point.’ MSM: Mattis is GOING!

An apparently measured and philosophical answer from Donald Trump about the job prospects of his defense secretary incited a bout of media hysteria. Lesley Stahl, who interviewed the US president for CBS 60 minutes, which will air on Sunday night, kept repeatedly pressing her subject on persistent rumors Jim Mattis will leave his post, which have escalated following the announced ...

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PA gubernatorial candidate says threat to ‘stomp’ on rival’s face was ‘bad metaphor’ (VIDEOS)

A Republican candidate for Pennsylvania governor has apologized for threatening to stomp on his opponent’s face while wearing golf spikes after a Facebook video of his comments was met with outrage. Scott Wagner, who is running against incumbent Democrat Tom Wolf, made the threat in a Facebook video on Friday that has since been deleted. Copies of the video have ...

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US needs a space force because Russia is ahead on it, Trump says

Keen as ever on his idea of creating an American fighting force in space, US President Donald Trump has said it’s a necessity for Washington, because its perceived top adversaries – Russia and China – are beating it to the punch. Trump was speaking at one of his Make America Great Again rallies, this time in Richmond, Kentucky. He was ...

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‘End of love story’: Poll says for 2/3 of EU citizens life wouldn’t be worse without the bloc

Nearly two-thirds of EU citizens think that life wouldn’t be worse without the bloc, a recent survey revealed. It probably highlights the end of a love story between Brussels and those living in the union, an analyst told RT. The report which says there is a significant divide between the leadership and the people within the EU was released by ...

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Star Wars writer & Trump critic says Marvel fired him for being ‘not civil’ on Twitter

Novelist and comic book writer Chuck Wendig, known for his tough talk against US President Donald Trump and the Republican Party, says Marvel fired him from a Star Wars miniseries for being too “vulgar” on social media. US comic book and film giant Marvel decided to remove Wendig from the remainder of his ‘Shadow of Vader’ miniseries and a separate ...

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Sarah Sanders' photo with Kanye is illegal, DC ethics group says

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington called out Sarah Sanders for tweeting a photo with Kanye West when the rapper visited the White House, citing a 1939 law barring federal employees from getting too political. The nonprofit ethics watchdog claims Trump’s press secretary violated the Hatch Act, which prohibits executive branch employees from using government property to engage in ...

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Facebook says hackers accessed data of 29 million users

Facebook has admitted that hackers accessed the data of 29 million users on the social network by using people’s friends lists to steal access tokens. The social network addressed the September attack on Friday, saying in a statement that it is cooperating with the FBI, which is “actively investigating.” Facebook added that the bureau has asked it not to discuss ...

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Amazon says wage hike ‘more than compensates’ for loss of bonuses

Last week, Amazon addressed growing backlash against unfair warehouse wages by announcing plans to raise its minimum wage to $ 15 an hour. The news was largely lauded as a positive step by critics including Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who had helped push the company in that direction with strongly worded legislation. The move was still met with criticism by ...

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Jack Ma says US will ‘suffer more’ if it keeps trying to start Cold War with China

Alibaba’s executive chairman Jack Ma has warned that the US will “suffer more” if it continues its efforts to launch a Cold War against China in an attempt to neutralize the growth of the country’s economy. Speaking via video to the South China Morning Post’s China Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Ma said he believed the US would fare worse in ...

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