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Tory minister says Syrians are suffering because Britain didn’t invade… despite ghosts of Iraq

Britain stood back and allowed President Bashar Assad to kill civilians and cause a humanitarian crisis, says Tory minister Alistair Burt. He claims this wouldn’t have happened if the UK had overthrown Assad in 2013. The US and the UK should have launched military action against the Syrian government, Burt told the Huffington Post. His support for armed intervention and ...

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US evangelical Christians ‘uncritically supporting’ Trump, says Bishop of Liverpool

English Bishop Paul Bayes has condemned US religious heads who support Donald Trump, saying they can’t justify their Christian faith. Bayes warns pastors “uncritically accepting” things said by the president amounted to collusion. “Some of the things that have been said by religious leaders seem to collude with a system that marginalizes the poor, a system which builds walls instead ...

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‘Pop-up sex brothels’ are exploiting trafficked women in Peak District holiday homes, bishop says

Published time: 27 Dec, 2017 17:57 Edited time: 27 Dec, 2017 17:57 Holiday homes in the idyllic Peak District are being turned into sex brothels, according to the Bishop of Derby. He claims the picturesque countryside has become a hotspot for “horrific” sexual abuse. The Right Reverend Dr Alastair Redfern has detailed how sex trafficking gangs are using the tourist ...

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$9.7mn in property lost in Afghanistan, Pentagon’s watchdog says

The US has, since 2012, ‘lost’ some $ 9,7 million in assets in Afghanistan because of the army’s negligence, Pentagon’s watchdog has revealed, adding enemy troops might have even used the resources against US troops. The ‘Army Oversight of Logistics. Civil Augmentation Program Government-Furnished Property in Afghanistan’ report was released by the Inspector General of the US Department of Defense ...

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Neutron star merger left behind a black hole, study says

Published time: 24 Dec, 2017 09:36 A collapse of two neutron stars, which made headlines this year as the first-ever observation of gravitational waves confirmed by other signals, left behind a black hole, further study has revealed. The GW170817 event reported by scientists of LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) earlier this year is considered one of this year’s most significant ...

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Trump says $7 trillion ‘foolishly spent’ in Middle East

Published time: 23 Dec, 2017 13:34 Edited time: 23 Dec, 2017 14:03 Donald Trump tweeted that the US “foolishly spent” $ 7 trillion in the Middle East, urging for money to be invested in rebuilding his own country. Trump’s Twitter statement published on Friday initially focused on economic issues, but eventually took aim at the US policy in the Middle ...

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‘Not the world’s gendarme’: Putin says Russia will scale down military spending

Published time: 22 Dec, 2017 13:03 Edited time: 22 Dec, 2017 13:39 Moscow will not engage in an exhausting arms race, and the country’s military spending will gradually decrease as Russia does not seek a role as the “world gendarme,” President Vladimir Putin said. Moscow is not seeking to get involved in a “pointless” new arms race, and will stick ...

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We will retaliate… despite no evidence of ‘successful’ Russian meddling, says Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson says Britain will retaliate against any Russian cyberattack. This is despite admitting during a joint news conference with Sergei Lavrov that there is no evidence of Russia “successfully” interfering in UK affairs. During the news conference, Johnson, who is the first UK foreign secretary to visit Russia in five years, responded to claims about the Kremlin attempting to ...

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No plans to invite US, PACE monitors for 2018 presidential poll, says Russian lawmaker

Published time: 21 Dec, 2017 12:06 The Russian Duma does not plan to invite monitors from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) and US Congress to next year’s presidential elections, the head of the foreign relations committee has said. “It is most likely that we will send out our invitations in January. We do not plan to ...

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Rape accusations too readily believed by police, says top lawyer

Published time: 21 Dec, 2017 10:48 A top barrister has warned that police readily taking rape accusers at their word could be adding to the police disclosure scandal. Her comments come days after a second man in just one week was released due to police errors. Alison Levitt QC, who is a former adviser to the Director of Public Prosecutions, ...

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