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US won’t let Russia ease North Korea sanctions, Haley says

Russia says it’s trying to ease sanctions on North Korea to make aid organisations’ work there possible. The US says it won’t let that happen. Following a closed-door UN security council meeting this Thursday requested by Russia and China, US ambassador Nikki Haley told press members that Russia is trying “to lift banking restrictions” against North Korea, an option which ...

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Iran leaders will have to fall in line if 'they want their people to eat,' Pompeo says

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told a BBC journalist that Iranian “leadership has to make a decision that they want their people to eat,” dropping all pretense of caring about Iranians as he touted the latest harsh sanctions. The BBC Persian reporter, Hadi Nili, attempts to ask Pompeo what will happen if the sanctions do not have their desired effect, ...

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Yemen-bombing Saudi Arabia says it ‘stands with' suffering Yemeni children in govt poster

Who do you think cares about Yemeni children facing starvation amid the Saudi-led armed intervention? Rights groups, relief agencies? Saudi Arabia insists it’s them. Three years into the Yemen war, Saudi Arabia, which spearheaded the 2015 military intervention, says it “stands” with Yemenis. “Your children – our children,” reads a really questionable poster released in a tweet by the ministry. ...

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Pentagon says troops won't 'come in contact' with caravan migrants at Mexico border

The US military has said that its troops deployed to the Mexico border to help stop a migrant caravan from entering the US will not tackle migrants. The troops will be mainly assisting in building barricades and barracks. Far from stopping a tide of weary refugees with cruel live fire, US troops sent to the southern border aren’t even supposed ...

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German FM says EU needs to revise disarmament policies with historic INF Treaty about to collapse

The German foreign minister believes Europe needs to re-think arms control and disarmament strategies to preserve peace in the union following the abrupt US decision to quit the landmark INF accord. The crucial nuclear treaty was signed in late 1980s and was always considered a milestone in ending the arms race between the two superpowers, the US and the USSR. ...

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Netanyahu finds Khashoggi murder ‘horrendous’, but says Riyadh’s stability too important

The Israeli PM has somewhat condemned the murder of Jamal Khashoggi though he stressed that Saudi Arabia is way too important as a counterbalance to Iran, which he sees as a far “larger problem” than one assassinated journalist. After a month of silence, Benjamin Netanyahu has finally spoken out against the murder of the Washington Post columnist who was ‘disappeared’ ...

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Facebook bans 80+ accounts it says Iran used to pose as US citizens

Facebook deleted 82 accounts, pages and groups the company says Tehran used to wage online propaganda campaign while posing as US citizens and posting memes on “politically charged topics.” The suspended accounts engaged in “coordinated inauthentic behavior” on Facebook and Instagram, posting about things like “race relations, opposition to the president, and immigration,” Head of Cybersecurity Policy Nathaniel Gleicher wrote ...

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Media used pipe bomb scare to score political points, Trump says

US President Donald Trump has slammed the mainstream media for using the recent “sinister” string of anti-Democrat bomb mailings to blame him for inciting political violence. He said he would do all in his power to stop it. Trump previously dismissed the notion that he bears any responsibility for the crude pipe bombs mailed to high-profile Democrat figures, including former ...

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Black teen says she's white & trashes black people in viral VIDEO

In a bizarre clip now going viral on social media, a black teen who has had the KKK on speed-dial “since, like, middle school” is shown insulting her own race and insisting she’s white. The 16-year-old, identified only by her first name, Treasure, comes off chillingly sincere when she calls her black peers “hood rats” and “monkeys.” “It made me ...

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Anti-Trump champion Avenatti says 2020 Dem nominee 'better be white man'

Lawyer Michael Avenatti, a self-appointed advocate of all women, is facing online wrath after saying that Democrats should pick a “white male” to run for president in 2020, as his arguments would “carry more weight.” Avenatti, the firebrand lawyer representing porn star Stormy Daniels in her legal case against US President Donald Trump, has faced massive backlash after he told ...

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