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Trump says he's ready to meet Iran’s Rouhani ‘any time’ & with ‘no preconditions’

US President Donald Trump has said that he is willing to meet with his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani with no preconditions. “Anytime they want,” he told reporters, “if they want to meet, I’ll meet.” Trump made his comments while speaking to reporters after a White House meeting with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conti on Monday. “I would certainly meet with ...

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US has to ‘give up sanctions addiction’ – Iran says it can show why

Iran knows how to sober up the US from its “addiction to sanctions,” Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said, referring to Washington’s threatening of its allies with restrictions if they fail to pressure Tehran. “Americans are addicted to sanctioning but we can show them that they have to give up their addiction,” Iranian top diplomat said in Tehran on ...

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Ecuador president says Julian Assange must eventually leave London embassy

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is a step closer to being evicted from the Ecuadorian embassy in London after President Lenin Moreno said the whistleblower must “eventually” leave the facility. Assange will eventually need to leave the diplomatic mission in London, where he has been living for six years since 2012, Moreno said at an event in Madrid on Friday.However, there is ...

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Twitter says it does not shadow ban, despite complaints by Republicans

After President Donald Trump accused Twitter of “shadow banning” prominent Republicans, the company denied that it uses the practice, in which someone’s posts are made invisible or undiscoverable without them knowing. In a blog post titled “Setting the record straight on shadow banning,” Vijaya Gadde and Kayvon Beykpour, Twitter’s legal and product leads, respectively, were blunt: “We do not shadow ...

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‘A real witch hunt’: Moscow says student Butina is being held as ‘political prisoner’ by US

Maria Butina is a ‘political prisoner’ held under a ‘forged pretext’, the Russian Foreign Ministry said, calling for the immediate release of the Russian national accused of conspiring against the US by working as a foreign agent. “Her arrest is motivated solely by US domestic and foreign policy motives, which means that [Butina] is a political prisoner,” the Foreign Ministry’s ...

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ACLU says Amazon facial recognition associated Congress members with mugshots

As far as attention-grabbing stunts go, this is a pretty good one. The ACLU has been attempting to raise awareness of Amazon’s Rekognition software for some time, stating that it “raises profound civil liberties and civil rights concerns.” For its part, Amazon has brushed these off, telling TechCrunch back in May, “As a technology, Amazon Rekognition has many useful applications ...

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Russia skeptical about US Crimea Declaration, says Washington fails to stick to commitments

The US has issued a declaration denouncing Russia’s acceptance of Crimea as its new region. Moscow replied, saying US policy changes, like the withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, show clearly the worth of American declarations. The United States will never recognize Crimea as part of Russia, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo vowed, in a statement on Wednesday announcing the ...

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Trump is real target of anti-Russian sanctions proposal, says Russian MP

New anti-Russian sanctions being proposed by US senators are part of the internal political strife in Washington with the real target being Donald Trump, a senior Russian MP has told reporters. “The US senators’ initiative to toughen the anti-Russian sanctions is yet another manifestation of the anti-Russian agony. People on the Capitol Hill cannot put up with the fact that ...

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South African gold industry in decline & nothing can change that, says country’s largest miner

One of the world’s largest gold producing nations, South Africa, is facing a steep decline in output because of depleting reserves and aging infrastructure, according to the country’s biggest miner, AngloGold. Read more “Gold is a sunset industry. It doesn’t matter what you do, it doesn’t matter how you do it, you are not going to be able to change ...

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Microsoft is building low-cost, streaming-only Xbox, says report

It was revealed at E3 last month that Microsoft was building a cloud gaming system. A report today calls that system Scarlett Cloud and it’s only part of Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox strategy. And it makes a lot of sense, too. According to Thurrott.com, noted site for all things Microsoft, the next Xbox will come in two flavors. One will be ...

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