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US lawmakers slam ‘unauthorized’ military aid for Saudi-led coalition in Yemen

The US House of Representatives has passed a resolution which states Washington’s support for the Saudi-led coalition in the Yemen war is unauthorized. However, the resolution does not call for an immediate halt to US assistance. In a non-binding move, the lawmakers publicly acknowledged that the US military support for Saudi Arabia and its allies in Yemen, which involves sharing ...

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Saudi-led strikes target defense ministry in Yemeni capital – reports

Published time: 10 Nov, 2017 20:47 Edited time: 10 Nov, 2017 20:59 Saudi-led coalition warplanes have targeted the defense ministry building in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, an RT Arabic correspondent reported. The Saudi-led coalition conducted at least two airstrikes in the rebel-controlled capital of Yemen late on Friday, targeting the Defense Ministry building, AFP reported, citing eyewitnesses. The coalition aircraft still ...

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Saudi-led coalition to close all Yemen land crossings, sea & air ports after missile targeted Riyadh

Published time: 6 Nov, 2017 01:38 Edited time: 6 Nov, 2017 01:58 The Saudi-led military coalition announced Monday that it is temporarily closing all of Yemen’s land border crossings, sea ports and airports in response to a ballistic missile that targeted Riyadh on Saturday. The missile was intercepted northeast of the Saudi Arabian capital, according to state media. Yemeni Houthi rebels ...

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