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Saudi-led air raids kill 68 Yemen civilians in one day – UN

Published time: 28 Dec, 2017 09:37 Edited time: 28 Dec, 2017 09:55 FILE PHOTO: Sanaa, Yemen © Khaled Abdullah / Reuters Sixty-eight people were killed in just one day of bombing carried out by the Saudi-led coalition, the UN reported. Let’s block ads! (Why?) RT World News

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Britain speaks out as Saudi-led coalition strangles aid route into Yemen

Britain might begin standing up to Saudi Arabia over the Yemen crisis. A top Tory minister signaled London could be losing patience with its major Middle East ally and will begin to lean on Riyadh. The Saudi Kingdom has imposed restrictions which are strangling aid routes into Yemen, in a move which could push the country into the “worst famine ...

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Saudi-led ‘Arab NATO’ declares total war on terrorism, not particular ‘country or sect’

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Salman has vowed to “wipe” terrorists from the “face of the earth” using resources available to the Islamic Military Alliance, a so-called ‘Arab NATO’ which claims to be targeting a “faceless enemy,” rather than any particular “sect” or “country.” Formed in 2015 by then-deputy Crown Prince and defense minister of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, the ...

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US lawmakers slam ‘unauthorized’ military aid for Saudi-led coalition in Yemen

The US House of Representatives has passed a resolution which states Washington’s support for the Saudi-led coalition in the Yemen war is unauthorized. However, the resolution does not call for an immediate halt to US assistance. In a non-binding move, the lawmakers publicly acknowledged that the US military support for Saudi Arabia and its allies in Yemen, which involves sharing ...

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Saudi-led strikes target defense ministry in Yemeni capital – reports

Published time: 10 Nov, 2017 20:47 Edited time: 10 Nov, 2017 20:59 Saudi-led coalition warplanes have targeted the defense ministry building in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, an RT Arabic correspondent reported. The Saudi-led coalition conducted at least two airstrikes in the rebel-controlled capital of Yemen late on Friday, targeting the Defense Ministry building, AFP reported, citing eyewitnesses. The coalition aircraft still ...

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Saudi-led coalition to close all Yemen land crossings, sea & air ports after missile targeted Riyadh

Published time: 6 Nov, 2017 01:38 Edited time: 6 Nov, 2017 01:58 The Saudi-led military coalition announced Monday that it is temporarily closing all of Yemen’s land border crossings, sea ports and airports in response to a ballistic missile that targeted Riyadh on Saturday. The missile was intercepted northeast of the Saudi Arabian capital, according to state media. Yemeni Houthi rebels ...

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