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Trump plan to ax oversight on US arms sales will ‘lead to disaster’ – analysts to RT

Loosened US policy on arms exports contradicts Washington’s alleged commitment to protecting human rights, and makes it easier for rogue groups to acquire weapons and perpetrate conflicts, analysts told RT. Donald Trump’s administration on Thursday unveiled its plans to foster US armed sales to foreign countries. The new changes will allow for American arms supplies to sell weapons to US ...

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Italian officials & German firm face lawsuit over arms sales to Saudi Arabia

A complaint has been filed by a coalition of human rights groups against Italian government officials and a major European arms manufacturer over their alleged involvement in the aerial bombing of Yemen. The legal action was launched by the Berlin-based European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR), the Yemen-based Mwatana Organization for Human Rights, and the Italian Rete Italiana ...

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Trump administration to unveil new sales policy to make it easier for allies to buy arms – report

US President Donald Trump will roll out a new weapons sales policy which will make it easier for America’s allies to buy weapons from the country’s biggest arms manufacturers, a new report says. The administration is expected to provide a set of guidelines which will “speed up the approval of arms exports” to certain allies, Reuters has reported. Those allies ...

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Revenue from US sales used to develop cutting-edge rocket engines, says Russian weapons chief

The Russian deputy PM responsible for the defense industry has said that a ban on rocket-engine sales to the US is undesirable because it provides funds to Moscow for R&D, but such sanctions would be manageable if they’re imposed. Read more “You know this engine that we are supplying to the United States, the NK-33. We have made a decision ...

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Russia’s ban on non-food alcohol sales reduces poisoning deaths by a quarter

The number of deaths caused by tainted alcohol poisoning has fallen by 25 percent since Russian authorities imposed a ban on the sale of alcohol-containing non-food products, the government consumer rights watchdog has reported. The press service of the Rospotrebnadzor agency told TASS that there were 677 alcohol poisonings over the New Year holidays in 2018, compared to 1,800 during ...

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China hits out at US for authorizing submarine technology sales to Taiwan

China has criticized Washington’s arms sales to Taiwan, after the island said the US had authorized manufacturers to sell the licenses necessary for its domestic submarine project. The Chinese Defense Ministry demanded a halt to “all forms of military contact between the US and Taiwan,” stressing that the latter is part of China. The ministry also warned that the country ...

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Russia aims to boost gold reserves, increase sales to India & China

An arm of Russia’s largest lender, Sberbank CIB, plans to more than double its gold sales to India this year and sell more of the precious metal than forecast to China, its head of global markets Andrey Shemetov told Reuters. Trade with China is more active this year than the bank originally expected, according to Shemetov. Sberbank plans to upgrade ...

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75% of French oppose arms sales to Saudi Arabia as Yemen war enters 3rd year – survey

An overwhelming majority of French citizens oppose selling weapons to Saudi Arabia and other gulf states attacking Yemen, a new poll has revealed. The findings come amid growing international outcry over the Saudi-led war. Seventy-five percent of respondents want French President Emmanuel Macron to stop providing arms to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries involved in the ...

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Walmart raises gun purchase age limit to 21, stops online sales of items resembling assault rifles

US retail giant Walmart became the second major arms seller in a day to impose restrictions on firearm sales, raising the age limit to 21. It comes after Dick’s Sporting Goods said it is halting the sales of assault-style weapons. Keeping ahead of the gun control debate and the profit-hurting wave of liberal fury, Walmart, the biggest gun seller in ...

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Cuban cigar sales smokin’ on rising China demand

Surging demand in China has boosted sales of Cuba’s legendary cigars, according to Habanos, a subsidiary of the country’s state-run Cubatabaco corporation. Habanos’s global revenue soared 12 percent to a record $ 500 million in 2017, the company said at the launch of Cuba’s annual cigar festival. Sales in China, which is the firm’s third-biggest export market after Spain and ...

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