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Sex not in the top 10 most pleasurable things for Russians

The top Russian pollster has conducted a survey on what Russians enjoy the most in life, and sex is not at the top of the list. Vodka and bear rodeos aren’t either. Watching TV tops the list of activities that Russians find pleasurable, according to a multiple choice poll published by the Levada public opinion research center on Thursday. Some ...

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'Toilet for dirty money': UK targets Russians because of hate for Putin – George Galloway

The UK has pledged to get rid of Russian “dirty money,” as well as to tighten sanctions against Russian businesses in the country. But why is that an issue for a country that is, as George Galloway puts it, “dirty money central”? “The City of London is afloat on dirty money and for the money that’s too dirty even for ...

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Russians say Putin, military power & unique spirit make them glorious nation

Almost half of all Russians consider their country a great world power, naming the president, the military forces and the spirit of the people as the main sources of their greatness, according to a recent poll. The survey, conducted by the state-run public opinion research agency VTSIOM in late April this year, showed that the share of Russians who think ...

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Over half of Russians say Syrian conflict can develop into new world war

The percentage of Russians who fear that the current conflict in Syria could develop into a global war has increased from 48 to 57 in less than two years, but experts explain this by natural deviations. According to newly released research by the independent Russian public opinion center Levada, 16 percent of Russians have serious fears that the Syrian war ...

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Almost 80 percent of Russians say they are not affected by Western sanctions

The vast majority of Russians, 78 percent, say they have not encountered any serious problems due to sanctions imposed on their country by the US and its allies, a poll has found. 42 percent of respondents said that they were not overly concerned with the issue. The poll by the independent Russian public opinion research center, Levada, revealed that when ...

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Russians see return of superpower status as Putin’s main achievement in previous term

Russians have named internal stability and the return of superpower status to their country as main achievements of Vladimir Putin’s past presidential term, but urged improvement in policies targeting economic inequality. In the latest poll conducted by an independent Russian public opinion research organization, Levada Center, ordinary Russians were asked what they saw as the main positive result of Putin’s ...

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Family, good health & rewarding jobs: Russians reveal what makes them so happy

Over 80 percent of Russians describe themselves as happy people, according to a nationwide poll. When asked what made them happy, they named loving families, children and good work as major factors. According to the survey results released by the state-run public opinion research center on Thursday, 83 percent of Russians currently think of themselves as happy. The proportion was ...

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‘Russians go after people with shady morals’, or how to capitalize on Russiagate

The the list of what you can’t say about Russians is much shorter than the list of what you can say, one US senator proves in a new documentary on the hottest topic of year. Interviewed for a new documentary claiming to expose US President Donald Trump’s deep ties to Russia, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse took aim at “Russians” and their ...

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UK plans to expose 'filthy money' allegedly sheltered by Russians in British offshores

The British parliament is set to approve legislation forcing the country’s offshore territories, such as the Virgin and the Cayman Islands, to disclose the identities of those benefiting from assets kept in their jurisdictions. Parliament will vote on the draft, proposed by Labour MP Dame Margaret Hodge, as early as next week, reports The Times. UK tax havens have up ...

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TV still main source of news for Russians, but only half believe it

The large majority of Russians says they prefer to get domestic and international news from television broadcasts, but only half see television as their most trusted news source. A poll conducted by independent public opinion research center Levada in late March this year showed that 85 percent of the Russian population used television as their primary source of news, down ...

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